You believe in fate?
In Astrology, Vedic Astrology to be particular, by any chance?

There is a school of thought –which in fact is the base of eastern philosophy–portraying FATE as the carried over KARMA (deeds) of the PAST LIFE.

According to this belief, human animals witness their fate through “stars” as per their karma. Interesting, uhh!

Here you go:
पूर्वजन्मकृतं कर्म तद्दैवमिति कथ्यते
स एव ग्रहरूपेण फलं प्राप्नोति मानवः।

[पूर्वजन्मकृतं कर्म तत् दैवम् इति कथ्यते। मानव: स एव ग्रहरूपेण फलं प्राप्नोति।]

भाग्य त पूर्वजन्मैको कर्म हो बुझियोस् यहाँ
ग्रहका रूपमा फल्छ मान्छेको यही जन्ममा ।

[पूर्वजन्ममा गरिएको कर्मलाई दैव (भाग्य) हो भनेर भनिन्छ। त्यसको फल मान्छेले ग्रहका रूपमा (ग्रहका माध्यमबाट) पाउँछ (यो जन्ममा)। ]

“the deeds (karma) of the past life is known as daiva (fate)
that is borne as fruit in the form of planets (stars) by human (individual)”
Means what you do or what you don’t, what happens to you or what doesn’t– all — is because of the karma-guided influence of Grahas. 

Sounds too fatalistic?

Well, it’s up to you to believe or not, but fatalism is not always fat-all fatal. Don’t ask me what this means; I may not want to elaborate further. Just feel the fate even if you are a non-believer or a uber rationalist.

[Vedic Astrology considers Sun, Moon, Jupiter, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu as Grahas.
It considers Sun, a star; Moon, planet Earth’s natural satellite; and Rahu and Ketu, mathematical points–node and antinode of Moon– too as Grahas.
The word Graha, though roughly synonymous to Planet in modern astronomy, should not be mistaken here for the modern planets.
It’s but worthless to argue that Sun is not a planet. Because it is not. Pluto is no more considered a planet now; definitions and Science keep on evolving.
But, yes, Sun and Moon, and Rahu and Ketu are Grahas. Peace!

ॐ द्यौ: शान्तिरन्तरिक्ष^ शान्ति:
पृथिवी शान्तिराप: शान्तिरोषधय: शान्ति:।
वनस्पतय: शान्तिर्विश्वे देवा: शान्तिर्ब्रह्म शान्ति:
सर्व^ शान्ति: शान्तिरेव शान्ति: सा मा शान्तिरेधि॥
ॐ शान्ति: शान्ति: शान्ति:॥



शीत झार्दै भएपनि
बादलको दोलाईँ ओढेर
एक्लो आकाश
मलाई निम्तो दिन्छ
ताराहरूसँग लुकामारी खेल्न
यो नीरव रातमा

no stock for tonight

concealed under circles of smoke
embellished with flying ash
if you see a mossy face
with reddened eyes and glare on glasses
choking at times
but not stopping to light fags after fags
held by slender hands
you may think that he could be a poet
deep in his thought
a philosopher trying to theorise something nonsense
a lovelorn man struggling to cope with his recent tragedies

when i see
eight butts by my side
while trying to locate saturn in the hazy sky for an hour
i laugh at myself

why only mars and spica
jupiter, castor and pollux
are so conspicuous
and other planets are elusive tonight?

i fucqueen have only one cigarette left
all shops are closed by now

¤BlackBerry Poem¤