यो रात

चन्द्रको चालमा हिँड्ने रातको गर्नु के कुरा?
ताराको कनिके ज्योति शीतमा धसियो उता।।
जाडो भो अति नै हेर! पौषको मध्यरातमा
सुत्नु पो पर्छ, लौ जान्छु निद्रादेवी समीपमा।।

black hole in the making

last time
i had to burn myself
to get over the darkness
that you brought in

what remains
is a smouldering bod
sans soul

though invisible
black holes
can absorb everything
light to matter notwithstanding

a collapsing star
i could be a black hole in the making

if it happens,
next encounter whatsoever
won’t be as amiable as the last ones
the light
that is to say you
would have to fall into me
and lose your existence

राजिनामा= i resign

सूर्यास्तका बेला धरहरा

बाटो हिँड्दा लडिएला, उठ्नुपर्छ पनि
बिराउँदा सही बाटो खोज्नुपर्छ फेरि
तारा गन्दा शान्ति मिल्ला, पेट भरिँदैन
शब्दकेस्रा मिठा हुँदै क्लेश मेटिँदैन ।

म जान्दिन
पतिंगरलाई सुन भन्न,

म सक्दिन
पेन्डुलम्को नीरस ट्वाक्ट्वाक्लाई  संगीत मान्न
हत्केलाले सगर थेग्न, अँजुलीमा सागर  थाप्न ।

भो अब
म लेख्दिन
कुनै गीत,
म सुन्दिन
भ्रमको संगीत ।

i resign 

you may stumble
fall down while walking
if so,
you have to get up also

Makhan Galli, Kathmandu

Makhan Galli, Kathmandu

you may go astray at times
you get back to track
then after

counting stars may give you a peace of mind
it doesn’t  fill your stomach

even if the words are sweet,
anguish is not wiped off

i can’t call
fallen, discolouring leaves
i can’t
take pendulum’s monotonous ticktock for music
i noway can
hold the sky with my hands
contain the sea in my palms

that is why
i don’t write any composition
i don’t heed to the music of illusion

i resign
i resign from poetry and all nonsense