third shadow

one of the three shadows
that i can see of myself
floating over the flowing river
the one that is bigger
dimmer and farther
out of reach of my camera

i turn around to see
if there is any other shadow
street lamps sired
as a bout of anxiety
overpowered me
a wild thought of ending it all
raped me

i pant
i sigh
i feel the heat on head and ears
i feel butterflies in the stomach
i ask myself
rubbing my dry eyes
how i fucqueen ended up at this state?

the pungent dhobikhola
bleeding sewage non-stop
stops for a while
laughs at my fate vengefully

i represented the human lot
that gang-raped it

¤BlackBerry Poem¤

eclipse that was me

your sun is spotless
i bet it’s no more eclipsed
you are glowing bright

world can see that
i can feel that

by the way
how did you get rid of the murk
which you said was me
that shadowed the sun of your happiness?

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