sky and peach blossoms

sky too rejoices 
as peach tree blossoms all-rose
luring waxing moonmagh-peach-chabahil-flower

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blood moon

you realised that
it’s you who made me mad

that’s why you felt bad
hid under the murk
and turned red-faced too
thousands of miles away from me Blood MoonPhoto: Associated Press
(NaPoWriMo Post#15)

gods on high

Jayabageshwari, Kathmandu

moon challenges them
gods come outside the temple
they are on high now 

नीरव रातमा जून हाँस्दै पश्चिममा गई
सूर्य उदाउला भोलि नाच्दैवर्दै उसैगरी ।।


you forced me to retire
from the tangible
how can i not tell you
what i see or feel
every now and then?

… pink-bleeding blackberry kathmandu collage

… new stars that i spot in between pisces and aries

… cloud patterns

… the narrowest alleyway i’ve ever walked past

… two-leg carrot

… midnight breeze

… bizzare hairdos

… owls in union

… 2am meal

… spirorgasm

… anhedonia

… pickpockets in bus

… 19yo’s affair with her best friend’s grandfather

… renowned writer with no writer’s fork but broken girdle of venus

… good poems that i read on wordpress

… omgfacts tweets

… astro wonders

… dreams and interpretations

… story of chicken and fox

… my decision to quit coffee

… juicy gossips …


from pseudo-conversations
i recently
graduated to soliloquy

i may find a way out
to feel you too
–without letting others perceive you–
prevent myself from being a second fiddle

that time
even if others use any disorder-ly term to define my state
i won’t give a hoot
i already know
i live in delusion
it’s you who made me realise that

i’m really thankful to you
for this
— though painful —
none-such spiritual bliss


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