sky and peach blossoms

sky too rejoices 
as peach tree blossoms all-rose
luring waxing moonmagh-peach-chabahil-flower

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sight to sore eyes

¤¤.:आरुका फूलहरू¤¤
i cross my heart
you are
sight to my sore eyes
oh, peach blossoms!


despite evenness
roses are envious of
peach blossoms
these dayspeach-blossoms.jpg

आफ्नै भनेर के गर्नू?
गुलाफपनि डाह गर्छ
आरुका फूलहरूको ।


Blossoms fruit if they don’t fall

Struggling to find a shade
as I waded the sea of people soon after the parade,
I saw a slender peach tree–
bedecked with tiny, shiny green leaves, buried under blossoms ruby-red
And, standing its ground all alone
Only to astonish me with its beauty immaculate
There, right in the heart of the city
that (you once said) is full of hearts but not all considerate

Soon after the noon as a gentle wind blew
Dust spread and plastic bags hovered in the air
Some children held their mothers’ hands
Some mothers took their children in their arms and covered the face of their beloved with shawl
Some men put their hands above their mouths
But they did not stop, all moved over

Transfixed by the beauty,
I kept on gazing at the peach blossoms
Against the sky blue yonder with patches of white clouds

The tree shook longer in another blow
A flower fell along with some leaves,
Seeing it floating in air, I hopped to catch it
But it went further and got dropped in filth

I stretched my hands and jumped a little bit
To get hold of the lowest branch
And felt the blossoms intact.
As I was checking out anthers to see if pollen had formed
I saw a drop of dew that survived brutal sun and many odds
But shining against the petals with roseate glow

It reminded me of the radiance of your countenance—
crescent lips and plump cheeks crowned by brows half-moon

The previous day, when I was not listening
I know you felt bad but you did not say anything
Maybe you wept and drenched your rosy cheeks
Maybe you regretted knowing me and bit your lips
Maybe you raised your brows and thought of breaking up
Or, maybe you realised what you did (or what you have been doing), and what you did not!

When you weren’t listening to me (for a long),
I was always talking to your photograph
To tell you that no relation is permanent
But we shall maintain the bond strong till we can

If I receive a plum, I must return a peach
You give me a hug, I will give you a kiss
Blossoms fall if they cannot bear the blow of wind
Blossoms fruit if they survive all challenges grim

There are …….. (blanks)….. that we have to fill
If you will, I also will!

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