the yellow datura blossoms
that disperse aphrodisiac fragrance
in the evenings
and losing their lustre
in an april noon
after a charming morning
you get to realise
how transient their beauty can be

here now and gone after a while…

you remember
how your phallus wilts
after the cloud nine and the coming
union to disunion
leaving you fagged out
and depressed
not caring for fresh flesh pleasure
for the time being

by the way
who governs this juggernaut
who runs this wheel of nature?

i want to fight it
and get crushed
i want to dematerialise in it…

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not born yet

  with the grand phallus
visible from inside
i realise, when i see shiva lingam,
we are but eggs
in the mother’s womb
waiting to get fertilised

oh father,
ejaculate soon
and beget us
we are
yet to be conceived children of yours

confession diary of a caterpillar

Metamorphosis: From Wood to God

Metamorphosis: From Wood to God

the stories
on air, earth, water, fire and sky
that i told you
the poems
that got composed on their own
you quite so perceived
through your trained volition
were all but secondary

here i confess
at midnight
half of the world
which is dumb
is further numbed,
they were excuses
put up redundantly
to redeem my scruples
to inseminate my ego

as a matter of fact
i was running away from myself, not you
i was adding up layers of excuses to obscure the truth
that’s what i do
when i fall in love

all i want is to rise
(and love myself more)
even so
that none will surmise

cursed by echo
and chased by nemesis
i am an avatar of narcissus
devoid of charm

yes, i’m unpredictable
bit touched in the head too
i don’t want to die
(as a caterpillar)
without my metamorphosis

will i ever grow wings?
what will i be:
an ugly moth
or a beautiful butterfly?

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