यो रात

चन्द्रको चालमा हिँड्ने रातको गर्नु के कुरा?
ताराको कनिके ज्योति शीतमा धसियो उता।।
जाडो भो अति नै हेर! पौषको मध्यरातमा
सुत्नु पो पर्छ, लौ जान्छु निद्रादेवी समीपमा।।


at the door of the heaven

where have stars gone?
only venus and moon are there
standing guard at the door of the heaven
this full moon midnight

midnight thunder

flashes in the eastern sky
accompanied by crackles of thunder
— the last ones superimposed with the noise of jet
and, followed by the pitter-patter of rain
this october night
makes me feel
dashain is going to be gloomy and grey
probably to mourn the death of humanity
loss of (my) wisdom for that matter

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