save frogs

from an old dairy

planet earth here!

rd5: amphetamine

cued in veritably
maybe it’s a headway
i’m all ears

when dead tired
you count me out

for rupticism
what’s your hunch?
bad rep
you tailed him?

add up

hello folks
curse me for this rigmarole
save frogs and toads
i like their croaks

stashed away for years
my assets
have gathered dust
become a safe haven to silverfish
they rule in there and procreate
but i doubt
if they could swim in knowledge or taste sanskrit verses

i like mud and lotus and frogs
they deliver love and knowledge and wisdom
i want to swim in
from their puddle to ocean

grow flowers and give up guns
love frogs and stop hating others

high time indeed
to end the hibernation
and start singing like frogs
the esoteric songs
(of love and love-making)

when will it rain?
i need some muse again

(NaPoWriMo Day 30, Post# 31)

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vicious circle

i could get acquainted
all six enemies
that i sired with you
through a single guru
that is you

miss kama the desire
mr krodha the anger
miss lobha the greed
mr moha the delusion
miss mada the arrogance
mr matsarya the jealousy
all ganged up
marched in unison
in a bid to bring me down

a poet-to-lover-to-lunatic
i’m struggling to get over

oh guru,
show me the path further
i need to get out
of this vicious circle

(NaPoWriMo Day 26)

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confession diary of a caterpillar

Metamorphosis: From Wood to God

Metamorphosis: From Wood to God

the stories
on air, earth, water, fire and sky
that i told you
the poems
that got composed on their own
you quite so perceived
through your trained volition
were all but secondary

here i confess
at midnight
half of the world
which is dumb
is further numbed,
they were excuses
put up redundantly
to redeem my scruples
to inseminate my ego

as a matter of fact
i was running away from myself, not you
i was adding up layers of excuses to obscure the truth
that’s what i do
when i fall in love

all i want is to rise
(and love myself more)
even so
that none will surmise

cursed by echo
and chased by nemesis
i am an avatar of narcissus
devoid of charm

yes, i’m unpredictable
bit touched in the head too
i don’t want to die
(as a caterpillar)
without my metamorphosis

will i ever grow wings?
what will i be:
an ugly moth
or a beautiful butterfly?

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vestal shudder and esoteric message

the mountains
— black and white, bare and half-clad —
reminded me of you
once again
notwithstanding whether they were virgin or climbed
forced me to cut over
the pseudo-conversations
in which
you had been cutting in
(or, say, I was used to
all the time
for an age


the strong wind
bore the “fiery” breath of snow
imparted a shudder on my heart
a vestal and virtuous feeling —
pain coupled with joy
vestiges of odium, if any, translated into love
frigidity nonexistent
affection multiplied
a strong intuition that
my days are numbered
overwhelmed me
on the other hand


then and there
at the end of the universe
with no delay
i left a message for you
in a language
that you don’t understand
(regardless of the possibility
you could remain ignorant about it


i won’t be here
to see you
savvying me
if that ever happens
hating me anew
for reasons galore
— good or bad —
that you would gather


i know, i know
you won’t miss me in any way
even bother to pray — not even in a pity —
for the peace of my soul
you probably think is troubled,
if not cursed


you can hate me
(please hate me to the core)
if that makes you feel happy
i won’t complain
now or then
alive or dead


fly high in the sky
i’ll never try to catch you
you are a free bird


(hope your flight will land
some day
to decipher the mantra esoteric
that i’ve taken up
and left for you as the message
the alchemist way)


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guns and roses

(roses do not symbolise
love and peace

give me a gun,
i’ll aim it at my temple
give me roses,
they’ll pierce my heart

guns are lethal,
your roses equally brutal

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Immoral mortal

Otherwise dry
That pair of eyes
Won’t be drenched in tears
Even if
They get to see me die
Body dangling from the sky
Head kept down and neck wry
Hair flying
Eyes wide-open
And, face with esoteric expressions
That only you could read
despite the conspicuous rigor mortis
You need no reason
To stay away
From the immoral mortal
The honour that I took up
In your allusive will

(And, this is not a suicide note)

Blossoms fruit if they don’t fall

Struggling to find a shade
as I waded the sea of people soon after the parade,
I saw a slender peach tree–
bedecked with tiny, shiny green leaves, buried under blossoms ruby-red
And, standing its ground all alone
Only to astonish me with its beauty immaculate
There, right in the heart of the city
that (you once said) is full of hearts but not all considerate

Soon after the noon as a gentle wind blew
Dust spread and plastic bags hovered in the air
Some children held their mothers’ hands
Some mothers took their children in their arms and covered the face of their beloved with shawl
Some men put their hands above their mouths
But they did not stop, all moved over

Transfixed by the beauty,
I kept on gazing at the peach blossoms
Against the sky blue yonder with patches of white clouds

The tree shook longer in another blow
A flower fell along with some leaves,
Seeing it floating in air, I hopped to catch it
But it went further and got dropped in filth

I stretched my hands and jumped a little bit
To get hold of the lowest branch
And felt the blossoms intact.
As I was checking out anthers to see if pollen had formed
I saw a drop of dew that survived brutal sun and many odds
But shining against the petals with roseate glow

It reminded me of the radiance of your countenance—
crescent lips and plump cheeks crowned by brows half-moon

The previous day, when I was not listening
I know you felt bad but you did not say anything
Maybe you wept and drenched your rosy cheeks
Maybe you regretted knowing me and bit your lips
Maybe you raised your brows and thought of breaking up
Or, maybe you realised what you did (or what you have been doing), and what you did not!

When you weren’t listening to me (for a long),
I was always talking to your photograph
To tell you that no relation is permanent
But we shall maintain the bond strong till we can

If I receive a plum, I must return a peach
You give me a hug, I will give you a kiss
Blossoms fall if they cannot bear the blow of wind
Blossoms fruit if they survive all challenges grim

There are …….. (blanks)….. that we have to fill
If you will, I also will!

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No to fate of molten chococake

Waiting for a glutton
To be relished with appreciation
This chococake
That you baked
Remained on the plate
For an eon
Only to melt

Chococake melted down

All who were around
Wanted to take a bite or two
Before it melted down
Your quondam lover
Who it was meant for
Showed up never

Mute but cheesed off
With no control over the situation
When you were grimacing
I too was irresolute
Standing by your side

There and then
I vowed never to express myself
Because I don’t want to see the fate
Like that of this chococake

What is more
I don’t want to get wet
In the tears
Meant for someone else

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