caterpillar to butterfly

making friends with a caterpillar
i’m waiting
it to become butterfly
and fly away with more colour

you are free to call me mad
what i want shall happen one day
if i don’t die

(NaPoWriMo Post#9)

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confession diary of a caterpillar

Metamorphosis: From Wood to God

Metamorphosis: From Wood to God

the stories
on air, earth, water, fire and sky
that i told you
the poems
that got composed on their own
you quite so perceived
through your trained volition
were all but secondary

here i confess
at midnight
half of the world
which is dumb
is further numbed,
they were excuses
put up redundantly
to redeem my scruples
to inseminate my ego

as a matter of fact
i was running away from myself, not you
i was adding up layers of excuses to obscure the truth
that’s what i do
when i fall in love

all i want is to rise
(and love myself more)
even so
that none will surmise

cursed by echo
and chased by nemesis
i am an avatar of narcissus
devoid of charm

yes, i’m unpredictable
bit touched in the head too
i don’t want to die
(as a caterpillar)
without my metamorphosis

will i ever grow wings?
what will i be:
an ugly moth
or a beautiful butterfly?

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