more than art


more than art

this half-carved bhairava
hung on a wall of an eatery in a happening city
reminds me of bertolt brecht, born thousands of miles away
but it makes me believe that
this piece of woodcraft is more than chisel’s work
a black poem that an esoteric poet wants to write but never would

dear brecht,
maybe it’s a strain to be evil(-looking)
on it (and your japanese carving)
i can see a life
yet to be brought in
mystical messages galore
that you fail(ed) to perceive


3 comments on “more than art

  1. die Maske des Boesen
    By Bertolt Brecht

    An meiner Wand haengt ein japanisches Holzwerk
    Maske eines boesen Daemons, bemalt mit Goldlack.
    Mitfuehlend sehe ich
    Die geschwollenen Stirnader, andeutend
    Wie anstrengend es ist, boese zu sein.

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