त्यो झरी परेको साँझ (when it rained that evening)

** पूरा कविता **

PS: The background music in this video is Maid with the Flaxen Hair Fine Music, Vol. 1 Richard Stoltzman.


17 comments on “त्यो झरी परेको साँझ (when it rained that evening)

    • धन्यवाद । मिठास थपियो कि दु:ख ? मिठो लाग्यो भने त बर्वाद हुन्छ यो कवितामा । हाहा

  1. Nobody can reprove your talency, if that comes off beneath your mind, no exaggeration is required when intuition speaks to the public, the arms and the crowd will listen to the words that you reveal. I will not mention that I am a writer of any importance to see my counterparts somewhere like this is surpassing my speed. I mulled for long, the background music sounds melancholic and words being expressed in gazal are meaningful and I am dumbfound. Keep going without stopping in any threshold that comes, the world I hope will be bemused by your work, words can cleave an entire world, let’s believe it. Adieu!

  2. The speech has great weight than the words, words mesmerise as well, but I nearly cried not because I loved a girl and got betrayed, but I refused to smile when the listening to the composition was so endearing and it caressed the very deep inside of my brain where inspiration begins for everything. My best regards to you, I am a fiction writer but I guess you are identical of great human. Adieu!

    • Sorry to hear about the betrayal, buddy. Forgive her even if you can’t forget what happened. Move-on is the best mantra in such a situation, think.
      Looking forward to reading your words. Please share. If not publicly, shoot me an email. Thanks again for your nice words. :)

  3. malai gali nagarnu hola tara i cant stop without commenting about ur poem after listening it ,
    nice one…dherai marmik 6….. dherai bhawana ma dubera racheko kavita jasto 6….

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