No to fate of molten chococake

Waiting for a glutton
To be relished with appreciation
This chococake
That you baked
Remained on the plate
For an eon
Only to melt

Chococake melted down

All who were around
Wanted to take a bite or two
Before it melted down
Your quondam lover
Who it was meant for
Showed up never

Mute but cheesed off
With no control over the situation
When you were grimacing
I too was irresolute
Standing by your side

There and then
I vowed never to express myself
Because I don’t want to see the fate
Like that of this chococake

What is more
I don’t want to get wet
In the tears
Meant for someone else

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12 comments on “No to fate of molten chococake

  1. hats off dai…..malai ta ekdum man parryo….3 choti padhe ani bhuje…..correlation here is really nice…tara sarai bigyoganta bhab ley bharipurna cha ..good job

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