झक्कुलाई झापड: Jhakku gets slapped

A nobody has slapped somebody again. And, it’s news. Coincidentally, the subject is another Jha=झ  this time also.

Prem Raj Devkota who runs a small café at a stone’s throw from the Kantipur Publications premises in Tinkune slapped  Maoist lawmaker Jhakku Prasad Subedi twice this afternoon, in what appears to be the expression of frustration over the delay in constitution drafting.

Courtesy: ekantipur.com

I know this mustachioed gentleman. He is soft, polite and cool. Not violent at all.

I have eaten veg Waiwai prepared by him and drank hot lemon many a time in the evenings when I was with Kantipur till June last year. I have bought chocolates from his shop hundreds of time.

However, he had a different avatar today that by all means is at odds with his characteristics. At least the ones that I as a customer and an acquaintance know. It was not easy for me to believe that this lucid and composed nobody ventured to smack the former guerrilla leader.

But it’s him. No doubt, it’s him who did this. Right now his soft and slow voice is echoing on my ears! And, I have smiles on my face.

Sometimes, Davids take on Goliaths, and also they beat the latter !

Subedi came to the lime light after knocking down the then CPN-UML chairman, Madhav Kumar Nepal, in the Constituent Assembly polls from the Kathmandu Constituency No. 2 three years ago.

And, it’s Devkota’s turn to be popular now. Did he slap Jhakku only to be popular, by the way? Or, was it an impulse? Be that what it may, Subedi is a representative of the common people who struggle everyday for bread and butter. And, his “big subject of the day” is one of the 601 individuals (notwithstanding the fact that there are some seats vacant in the Constituent Assembly)—or, better say the tools of arrogant, selfish, stupid (I can add hundreds of adjectives for them) parties—who have reneged on their words regarding the new constitution and are squabbling for the power and post and  partisan interests instead.

On Janauary 21, one Devi Prasad Regmi had slapped CPN-UML Chairman Jhala Nath Khanal in Itahari in eastern Nepal.
Regmi’s slap turned to be blessing to Khanal as he was elected the prime minister later.

Now, what for this mighty Jhakku who beat the UML heavyweight in the elections? What is for him in stock?
My best wishes to Devkota sahujee! Hope he won’t be in trouble because he did not do what he did today maliciously.
Sabai ko buddhi firos!


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