Nepal govt takes exception to UNSG Ban’s report

Submits letter for UNMIN term extension at UNSC

KATHMANDU: Nepal has expressed its dissatisfaction over United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon’s recent report on the country’s peace process at the UN Security Council meeting in the UN headquarters in New York, suggesting that some of its contents were not based on correct observation.
Taking exception to the questioning of the regular functioning of the incumbent government–though it is bearing a caretaker role after Prime Minister Madhav Kumar Nepal’s resignation on June 30–with full authority as per the country’s constiution, the Permananent Mission of Nepal to the United Nations recorded Nepal’s official views apropos to the content of the report on Tuesday.The report presented at the Council was made public the same day.
The Mission maintained tha the Nepal government would have liked to see the report “more balanced, nuanced and reflective of the correct assessment of the situation on the ground in its entirety”.
Referring to the paragraph 31 of Ban’s report, Ambassador Gyan Chandra Acharya said it failed to acknowledge the cabinet committee headed by the Defense Minister, which has already prepared a detailed action plan on the democratisation of the national army and which has been submitted to the cabinet for consideration.
In the report on Nepal’s peace process and implementation of UNMIN’s mandate, Ban had recommended that the current mandate of UNMIN be extended as it is “in order to permit the necessary discussions to take place with a duly formed government”.
Indicating Nepal’s discontent over the UNSG’s note on the type of goverment, Ambassador Acharya underlined that the fundamental principles of the Charter of the United Nations respect the national sovereignty of each nation state and its political system as per its own constitution.
Govt letter for UNMIN extension
Earlier, the Mission submitted Prime Minister Madhav Kumar Nepal’s letter to Secretary General Ban for the extension of UNMIN’s mandate with necessary adjustment as reflected in the letter.
At the time when different quarters in Nepal were voicing for the revision and reduction of UNMIN’s mandate–by relieving the Nepal Army from the UN body’s supervision– Nepal wrote the UNSC to extend the the UN body’s tenure by four months.
UNMIN is currently mandated to live in Nepal till September 15 only. Its term was extended for six times earlier.
Making a statement at the Security Council’s meeting on UNMIN, Ambassador Acharya highlighted the many milestones that Nepal’s peace process has achieved after the signing of the Comprehensive Peace Accord in November 2006, the Permanent Mission’s statement issued from New York said.

In the statement, he stressed that the Government of Nepal has been successively working hard to push forward peace process from the early days in order to move from the transition phase to the normal state at the earliest.
viaThe Himalayan Times


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