Aghori at Aryaghat

Aghori baba at Aryaghat

@ 3 a.m.

I spent whole night at the cremation site  in the Pashupati area on Wednesday, July 14.
Ghat is a separate world, with hundreds living their life in their own style. And, it’s microcosm of the men’s world, if not the bridge between the heavens and the earth.

I don’t know how to explain it in words however.

Braving dark, all tall tales of phantoms and unappeasable happenings (including screams of the bereaved and the strident sound from the funeral pyre that probably is generated when the skull or bones burst) at the place where the dead are burnt, I spent the night capturing the moments there while waiting for the sun to rise to carry out the last rites of one of my grandaunts.

The clock struck three in the morning.

And, I saw a a black-robed man coming out from the dark. He went to the River and performed some rituals. Not very far from the dead body lying at the Brahmanal.

Then he went towards Bhasmeshwor Ghat. I followed him. To see the half-clad sadhu collecting the discards of the dead and the leftover of the pyre at the other funeral sites downriver.
An apparent follower of the Aghor cult, the “holy man”  who appears to be running in his late 20s along with his adherents live in a cave in the cliffs of Kailash.
I had seen the men-in-black earlier also. However, I did not prefer talking to the troglodyte.

Is he a cannibal?  May be I will ask him next time if I get to meet him.

Aghori baba at Aryaghat

4 comments on “Aghori at Aryaghat

  1. त्यति राती, आर्यघाट मा !!! अघोरीहरु ले त, मान्छे को मासु खान्छन् रे हो ???

  2. I only know from Banares, many winters there and hopefully more.. the Aghoris are so individual it’s impossible to lump them together. many don’t wear black and many wearing black and using it as a shield. Knowing what people’s thinking is about them. Yes i’ve seen them eat flesh, but i don’t know if they would do that if there was no one to shock. I think they would eat turds if it had an effect.. blessings to your grandaunt…

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