German gems fail to dazzle, La Roja makes it to the final

Last night there was an abrupt power outage in the Kathmandu Valley. For about a couple of hours. A system failure? May be.

Black out at the place where a 18-hour outage is imposed is not a big deal. But the World Cup semis between Germany and Spain was about to kick off. So, I was anxious. I did not want to miss the match.
With 40 percent battery left in my machine, I started following the FIFA live update. It was 10th minute of the match when the electricity supply resumed.

Ja, I said in my primitive Deutsch, ich kann den deutschen Sieg sehen!

Unfortunately, the German gems failed to dazzle. La Roja dominated the whole game, instead.

Spain beat Germany 1-0 with Carles Puyol’s beautiful header.

For the first time, Spain made it to the FIFA World Cup final. But it is yet to see whether the European champions can face up the Dutch challenge.

The Netherlands is in a great firm this time–with 25 consecutive victory in the matches it has played in two years. It appears to be unstoppable. And, I am for the Oranje! :)


2 comments on “German gems fail to dazzle, La Roja makes it to the final

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