Ncell hacked

Was working at office. All of a sudden got a message that said the website of Ncell has been hacked.

The mobile company that invested USD 80 million has been organising lavish parties and different programmes spending millions to promote its brand name. However, it appears that it did not consider the security of its website important.

Ncell website hacked

Ncell website hacked

I opened their  site and read the hacker’s message. I smiled at their “I am bad at hacking but a good hacker.” :)

Hacked(Not an April Fool Joke)
1) Welcome to N-Sale.
2) Gone mad, Its just for fun!!!
3) Hey, never see the HTML source code. I am only the jack of all trades. (More details…)
4) I thought Nepali were good than those shity Indians. (More details…)
5) Microsoft Windows Servers are poor in security!!! (more details…)
6) The most funniest part in the hack was, the windows server in this website was not active. Everytime I login, is asked me for the Activation and Activation key. (LOL)
7) My info
8) Did you noticed I hacked

– N-Shell

9) I am bad at hacking but a good hacker.

Then I told some colleagues  about this. Obviously, for the news. It is not going to be published anywhere though. :D

Tried to open the site again. It did not responding at 8:30 p.m.

Luckily, Ankur has twitted the screenshot. Thanks for sharing it.

You enjoy this March 13 photograph in which Russian dancers are seen performing during the lavish party after the official announcement of Ncell. This company was formed after Nepal’s Mero Mobile joined with the TeliSonera, a European telecommunications group.

Russian dancers at Ncell's party on March 13 in Kathmandu.


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