Shree Krishna personality sui generesis

He was all. He was all-powerful. He was all-prevailing. He was microcosm of human kind.

From an intractable child to a bright diplomat; from a romantic lover to a great philosopher; from a great warrior to a conscientious objector; from cowman job to statecraft…Krishna established himself as an icon. He is one of the greatest persons ever born on earth.

That may be why more than a person, he is a god. He is taken for an incarnation of Lord Vishnu, the greatest regard that folks could devote to an individual of considerable prominence who was borne and brought up among them.

Not withstanding the myths that put on him with flinging embellishment, if we analyse persona of Krishna, we may discern his multidimensional attribute that propels him as nonesuch.

Though sometimes I feel I am an atheist, I have a sort of attachment to Bhagwan ShreeKrishna, a schizophrenic personality sui generis. (It’s compliment not criticism!)

Even though it does not matter whether I wish birthday to the karma-yogi who passed away more than three kilo years ago, why not to remember him for a while?


Meanwhile, when I remember a verse of the Geeta where he says, “You are me and I am you” or something like that, I feel I say happy birthday to me as well. (Tongue-in-cheek, though.)


Hey you all! Won’t you repeat what I said? C’mmon, follow me.

(How lazy I have been? :( It’s an old post. Anyways, it’s fun posting it again.)


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