Shame shame (हग्नेलाई भन्दा देख्नेलाई लाज)

After Gyanendra Shah’s “press conference”, some crude and rude media people took over the chair the recently dethroned king had just left and posed to the camera mimicking the former.Gyanendra Shah reading his Press Release(Photograph by Krishna Dhungana via

And they boastfully tried to justify what they did in front of the television camera! I was ashamed seeing the photo session and hearing their cheap words.

Reportedly, some of them vandalized the hall and tried to “steal” some valuables also.

“On duty” Nepalese journos presented them as uncivil in front of the foreign “lenses” through which the rest of the world is watching the development in Nepal.  Being a scribe of one-time, I am ashamed of the unmannerly and unethical drama by the social watchdogs. What I think is they were supposed to be messengers primarily during their job of reporting. Their personal choice or political inclination should have been secondary at the palace today!

Do all of us know what the heck social moral responsibility is?

When shall journalists learn the culture and good manners?


Was really pissed off (and sort of happy also) seeing this picture published in today’s Kantipur Daily; Mr. Western Journo too  is enjoying the hot seat and busy posing… It’s not only Nepali media people then! :)


Shame, Shame.

हग्नेलाई भन्दा देख्नेलाई लाज भनेको यही हो।

As suggested by NepaliAkash, here is Dance Monkeys Dance! Watch it!

15 comments on “Shame shame (हग्नेलाई भन्दा देख्नेलाई लाज)

  1. it’s really a shame. that’s why sometimes i get soo pessimistic about this ‘new nepal’ rant. moral responsibilities and good manners dont come overnight.

    Jwalanta, such things happen. time and again. so pessimistic thoughts are quite obvious. but we need to be positive as well

  2. read abt it. held head low in embarrassment.

    Capital P,
    I also held my head down with embarrasment because once I was a jouranalist and chances are I go back to the field once again.

  3. hope the new generation of journalists are more responsible.

    we should hope that the new generation will do good in every field. But……. hmmm let’s see.

  4. haha !! I wonder what was going through their minds… and why would you wanna do that ??

    May be they wanted to feel the warmth of Gyanendra’s buttom! After all, his was royal … and they would have thought of finding out how different the warmth of his from theirs. :P

  5. Monkeys, thats what we are.

    Watch Dance Monkeys Dance in youtube. Your questions will be answered.

    Thanks for the link, Nepali Akash! Btw welcome back to my blog. :)

  6. u r right now this is all about flogging the dead horse and about the whole attitude problem why should anybody try and be a rebel without a cause is beyond my comprehension but they do that
    moreover, the so called western journalists always think the third world looks the way they want to show them and so called tapar twinya journalists here follow the suit and think that beneath every white skin and blond hair lies a wise creature, which infact is only a fantasy/

    yes टपरटुइँया पत्रकारिता is पत्रुकारिता!

  7. Shame really! This happens anytime some Nepalese get gathered. Is it our national character?!

    And sure, those foreigners turned out to be similar to our PATRAKARs. They might be thinking, “Do like Romans in Rome”.

    The total mismanagement of the event was the greatest shame.

    I agreee that it’s all mismanagement that has infected us, Basanta. May be it’s in our genes! That’s why have been lagging. :(

  8. यिनीहरुलाई पनि पत्रकार भन्नु परेको छ । पत्रकारले यस्तो असभ्य व्यवहार त गर्नु नहुने हो ।

    पत्रकारबाट पत्रुकार हुन खासै बेर नलाग्ने रहेछ है!

  9. Tyo ta durbar ra sarkarka manisko pani Kamjori ho, Gira Patrakar lai Pravesh ndiinu Partyo. Pheri Management pani Ramro bhaena Bhanchhan, Patrakar Mitra haru. Je bhaaye pani Patrakar Le Badnami Kamae. Yiniharu pani Aaphulai Nikai thula manchhe samjhanchhan. Yini hanrule pani Path Siknu Parchh ra Aaphulai Sabhya banaunu Parchha

    बद्‌नामी त कमाउनु नै थियो अनुशासनहीन भएपछि। हो पत्रकाहरू आफूलाई “विशेष” सम्झन्छन्‌। पाठ सिके त राम्रै हुन्थ्यो तर तिनीहरु (तपाईँहरू भनौँ कि? :) ) गैरजिम्मेवार हुने संभावना प्रबल छ। :)
    हो तिनीहरूले अनुशासनशिल हुनै पर्छ।

  10. yea that’s really shameful what journalist did.

    Thanks, Abhilasha.
    By the way, it’s raining here in Kathmandu. I know there is no rain at all in California. (There is a song as well… hoina ra? :) )

  11. Two things:

    1. We need to learn more civic sense, getting education and job is simply not enough!
    2. The management at the palace was worst I’ve ever seen. They normally used to be very articulate before, I wonder why they couldn’t organize one more event with their typical flair.

    I agree with you, Prajwol.
    Yes, proper training is a must.

  12. Thanks for using Mr. Gyanendra’s picture taken by me for

    Krishna Dhungana,
    Thanks for letting me know about the photograph. I give you the full credit. :)

  13. The New Nepal has supposedly distributed the power to everyone, but these careless behaviors is what we expect to see when people are unaware of the responsibilities that we all have taken to make new nepal.

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