Monarchy abolished, when the attitude?

The monarchy has authentically been abolished by the newly elected Constituent Assembly, after all.

However, I wonder whether the vestiges of the noblesse/feudalism/autocracy could be decimated successfully. The attitude is the same; not that easy to change it.

Look at Aarju Deuba née Rana, for an instance! She still brags on being granddaughter of one of the Rana rulers. It’s all because of the fortune that she and her parents inherited from the autocrats by looting the national treasure!

Had the then government after the big change in 2007 BS nationalized all the property the Ranas,in one way or another, stole from the state and the people, Aarju sort of people would not shoot a line that way…
Because it’s the wealth that  services a person status and power.

Now, if  Gyanendra Shah and the family is given an opportunity to master the property that they garnered or inherited
entertaining the royal line, it would be unfair. To people, for sure.

Only abolishing the monarchy won’t change the scenario; give the royalties a chance to live as dignified citizens but sequester the property that they have stolen!

Why to see more Aarjus!


5 comments on “Monarchy abolished, when the attitude?

  1. ‘Poor’ and ‘homeless’ Gyanendra got Nagarjun palace now!

    It is good if more conflicts can be avoided with some compromisses. I think that is what NETAS are doing now. And some of these NETAS may still love monarchy and monarch, who knows!
    Lets hope things will turn out better than in 2007, as people are more conscious.

  2. Yes, Prajwol. :)

    A state-made landless sqauatter (सुकुम्बासी)got a palace for his luxuries, Basanta*!

    “Netas” are busy politicking rather than bearing their responsibility. However, we should hope for better.


    आज एकजना तामाङ्‌ दाइ भेटिनु भयो।
    उहाँकै भाषामा “हामीजस्ता सोझासिधा आफैँ कमाइ गरेर खानेलाई यो ‘गाँडतान्तर्‌’ले पनि केही लछारपाटो लाउलाजस्तो छैन! नत्र यो राष्ट्रपति को हुने भनेर किन झगडा गरिराखेका होलान् यत्रो दिनसम्म?”

    ती आमनेपालीका प्रतिनिधि विशुद्ध गाम्रीण तामाङ्‌दाइ(हरू)को चित्त अब दलहरूले कसरी बुझाउलान्?

    I prefer not adding जी or sir after person’s name. However, I really don’t know whether you like the way I addressed. Would love to hear …..:P

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