Bla bla bla

Desktop not working at all, laptop too with problems……….
I wish there were no computer viruses. :(
The new one that has been my headache is kinza.exe. McAfee detects and quarantines it. However cannnot delete it.
I tried to play with Kaspersky. But it fired me back. My computer that has 2GB RAM and 1.6 GHz processor became very very very very very very …………. slow.
Finally, I uninstalled it.
Tired with Windows’ problems and virus attacks, shall I take to Linux now? How user friendly is it?

By the way, I dont know what happened to my desktop. Only I hear the fan’s srrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. No other activities…………. No light at motherboard, but yes while pressing the turn off button, there is yellow light at the hard disk. What really happened is I tried to check an old hard disk. But…………. may be it’s problems with the power socket……….. May be with motherboard. But hopefully not with the harddisk. I have all my property in that little thing.

Hmmmmmmmmmmm Jwalanta is out there to help me rescue the documents.


4 comments on “Bla bla bla

  1. dai computer le babal dukha diyo kya ho.
    tension lene ka nahi dene ka hai.
    what abt da angelic smile n……………

  2. hello daju bhai dd bahini haru

    kinza.exe le hairan paryo! tapain kai nepali hacker bro ani sis haru le yesko lagi kehi garnu bha ko cha
    chittai nai nepali hackers haru lai help chahiyeko cha

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