Prithvi Jayanti

The Nepal Government decided not to observe the Prithvi Jayanti and National Unity Day (Rashtriya Ekata Diwas) this year. There is a wide debate going on amid the public and intellectuals over the decision: Not recognizing the essence of the unification day and despising the role of Prithvi Narayan, the founding father of the present day Nepal.

If you ask me, personally, I think the decision was taken in haste. May be to make the Maoists and some secular forces (sectarian ones) who criticize Prithvi Narayan.

Though not very much happy, all at once, I take the decision for symbolic. For me, it portends the frame of change the nation is going to have in recent future. Particulary, about the fate of monarchy.

Meanwhile, the obstruction on programme and the attack on participants of it in which people—no matter most of them were advocates of monarchy— were offering garlands to the mutilated statuette of PSN by the followers of the Prachanda-path bodes bad news. It’s deplorable.

The Maoists are intolerant; this incidence proves it again. Why do they try to impose their ideology (do they have any, I suspect sometimes) on others? Intimidation and physical assault cannot be the weapon of a democratic force. What difference remains between a thug and them who claim to be political animals? Thus, the Maoists need to change their modus operandi. Only repeating the rhetoric on faith in democracy does nobody democratic. For that you should be tolerant.

Though the supremacy of his successors in the nation that was unified in his lead has come to an end, significance of Prithvi in the foundation of the modern Nepal will prevail for always.


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