Kasto thhis /өIS/ raichha!!

When I was in THT, years ago I had written about the origin of the argot “thhis” and it’s rampant use among Nepali youngsters. I lost it somewhere, unfortunately. And could not gather courage to write again. But now with I don’t know why I have started writing it. Let me begin.

Photo and more on my Blogspot also.

Only a few people know what “thhis”Thhisphoto really means. Implying their own meaning, people use this word differently. Either as adjective or as an interjection.

Nevertheless, Annoyance and its Expression always hide behind the use of “thhis” If you say: “tyo ta thhis chha!” you are saying “s/he is nuts or s/he is crazy.” “Thhis kuraa nagar” means “Cut the crap” etc…

And “thhis”, with its roots in English, came from the word “testes.” Just try to pronounce the last syllable /tes/, with h sound after t–like a Briton. T like th of theta.

/ӨI:S/ /thhis/ Okay, you did it correctly.

Well, I tease my friends and colleagues, especially girls, who pretend to be genteel in their language but use “thhis” inappropriately. I ask them what does the word mean and later explain its origin. I don’t have to tell the meaning; they get it by themselves. Their face is worthy seeing. And except a couple of occasions no girl has repeated the word in front of me. They feel shy, of course. In front of a tormenter like me.

Guys, I know you all use this word as a synonym of balls, nuts, bollocks, crazy, mad or whatever. I too use when I am damn annoyed. But believe me, it’s vulgar.

It’s up to you whether or not to use “thhis” where on earth you like!

You should admire my knack for lexicography. Hope, you won’t say “Yo ta kasto thhis raichha.” (You are nuts.) to me.

Bhaney pani “baal.” (Who cares?)


4 comments on “Kasto thhis /өIS/ raichha!!

    • Lol was wondering what “sleep out” meant. I thought you slipped out, though.
      Btw now I realise there was a word inappropriately used. It should be Etymology instead of Lexicography.

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