Beware of retrogressive elements and reactionaries!!

Instead of excelling in the run of “political progression” and establishment of sustainable peace, Nepal —with the recent incidents of vehemence, vandalism and violence that appear to be of communal color that took place from Jhapa in the East Tarai to Nepalgunj in the west– at present, the country seems to be getting stuck in sectarian squabbles.

Those who are behind these incidents are the foes of progress of the country. I agree with the politicos from Prachanda to Girija who have called them those saboteurs as reactionaries and regressive elements. But only blaming others or deploring the wrongdoers is not the way out approach to solve crisis. It’s not the time for nitpicking; everybody should bear the responsibility–with honesty. Better is prevention. Why to let the reactionaries play?

Meanwhile, the Seven Parties Plus Maoist Alliance looks as if it has been flotsam and jetsam. They are busy on bickering; they apparently are poles apart in the issues that call for consensus.

Take the example of the Nepalgunj incidence. Saying that it has differences with the agreed upon Interim Constitution, the Sadbhawana Party (Anandidevi) that is in the government called the shut-down programme. Whatever be their point of view regarding their protest and the incident that took place with it on the background, is it rational to resort to violence by the party that is in the government? Is the party accountable to the people?

Nepalgunj incident took place under the nose of the Seven Parties plus the Maoists. None can cut and run. Only calling the wrongdoers “reactionaries and regressive elements” doesn’t not suffice to the people’s longing for peace and harmony. Infiltration would have taken place in the protest of the ruling party; however, it should take the sole responsibility of the damage and cacophony. Moreover, the perpetrators should be tried. The state should not forgive the elements that are trying to disrupt the social and religious harmony in the country.

Give up propagandist politics and work for the betterment of the society. Else, you parties who boast of democratic values and you Maoists who say are working for the people’s liberation are the real reactionaries and retrogressive elements.


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