He, the founding father of the Prachanda-Path, admits his party is rightist…

“Why the devil and the lord?”

“To make our talks curious.”

Though I don’t understand French, the subtitle made me easier to understand the free verses. It was a French movie in the TV5. Unfortunately, today I happened upon it on the finish. A young girl and a matured man were singing the duet; the girl was asking questions, very deep in thought; the man was answering, sometimes with idiomatic expression. If I knew French, I could enjoy the singing much and understand the meaning of the verses instinctively.

My experience in translation whatsis and familiarity with Deutsch Sprache says: Translation attenuates the natural flavour of literature, most of the times.

I wish I understood French as well. I want to learn it. One day I will do that. But I have found this language very difficult. Say, something else from other European language. You write a word in one way and pronounce not so. Very funny.

Anyways. The words: evil and lord and the phrase “to make talks curious” in the verse as well as the meaning it implied (may be the thing I conceived) struck my mind. I recalled a news article published in today’s Kantipur Daily.

The Maoists supreme Prachanda said, “You (donors) don’t need to fear of us… We are rightist communists.”

What the heck does it mean?

Rightist communist? Though I have read a lot of communist literature, I could not understand the meaning of “rightist communist.” What I think is the terminologies in communist literature are more complicated than the French way of pronouncing words. Particularly, the communist literature in Nepali (and, of course, the literature of Nepali communists) are but a verbose write-up. I believe even the ones who have coined the terms or translated from English do not know what the words really mean.

Rightist communist sounds funny. Goosey, in fact. How can communists be rightist? But Prachanda, the founding father of so-called Prachanda-Path, has admitted he and his comrades are rightist.

Did he entail the Maoists are a liberal communist party? And used “rightist” as a synonym of “liberal”?

May be, he tried to play with the words. But he sounded like a boor; he forgot the meaning of the political right apparently. He, the founder of the Prachanda-Path!

His poor English can be an excuse. However, if what he said is true, the Maoists too are opportunists. Jackdaw in peacock’s feathers. Not different from the rightists with Panchayati background who could show their existence in the Nepali politics.

Only talking big—about revolution and communism—doesn’t make you communist, Comrade Prachanda! If you still stick to what you believe, you are only a kam-red (less red) not comrade.

If you are trying to be liberal, it’s most welcome. But if you are thinking of switching to (or have switched) to political right, this will be catastrophe to the Nepali political movement.

A donkey is a donkey though it may carry the Sultan’s treasure. Hope you understand the meaning of this Arabic proverb.

[My earnest request to you all is: I am not a student of Political Science. If you have read something about “rightist communism”, please share your knowledge with me.

Moreover, you Prachanda-Pathists won’t impose a decision of physical punishment to me, for writing this.heheh]

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