Nepal on the verge of being like post-Saddam Iraq?

With the rampant intolerance in the cadres of most of the “democratic” parties, and of course the Maoists that is on the verge of entering the competive multiparty democracy, I fear of sectarian violence in the country.

The parties for winning the vote and the Maoists for leading their “people’s liberation movement” to the “success”– with their own explanations– cashed in on the communal feelings of the people.

Issues of the equity and oppourtunity are okay. Such issues are to be be championed.  But the Pandora Box has been opened. People now want federal governments. I really don’t understand the real intent of the voice for and the essence of federalism in a small country like ours.

Meanwhile, only the liberation of the country from monarchy is not the ne plus ultra. We still have to attain the real democracy. So sectarian violence is uncalled for in our way to the DEMOCRACY.

For the time being, we should come up from the partisan or communal politics. Else, believe me, our story will not differ from post-Saddam Iraq.

If some party, for its ulterior motives, try to cash in on the situation by disrupting the communal harmony, NO EXCUSE TO THEM!

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