In response to the comments

I had thought I would not write for sometime. Nevertheless, the comments from my readers made me compose something. 

Everything here is in response to the comments. 

Santoshgere jee, 

Thanks for your comment 

I am happy that you, who belong to the family of Justice Giri, tried to clarify the “confusion.” (Actually, mine was not confusion. You may take it for lack of knowledge about him and his background.) 

As I have previously said I don’t know much about him, and mine commentary was an attempt to dissect why the incidence would have happened.

You being offspring of a judge and being a lawyer yourself for sure have seen the “circle” very closely. Don’t you agree that in general the community I was talking about is corrupt and egocentric? By the way, you too have, may be unwittingly, admitted it ( in WHY WAS HE ATTACKED? Under D. Lifting the Judiciary’s Veil) : You suspect juniors of your daddy behind the conspiracy to remove him from the way to win the hot seat. 

Tarai Mukti Morcha hypothesis may have some chance to be true. But I wonder whether Gupta is a TMM guerrilla. Had TMM behind the attack, it would take responsibility by now. Even only for propaganda. 

No comments on other theories. But I think instead of attacking a judge, G and P would prefer hiding or smuggling property that they have hoarded to foreign… 

Lastly, Giri jee, I agree with what you said; rather than a personal matter, an attack on a judge is attack on independence of the judiciary. But freedom for justices should never be taken for granted.  

If they mistake themselves for the “lord of the law” and forget that they too have to remain within the scaffold of law, it will be a catastrophe. It already is here. The whole justice system, corrupt judges, wicked lawyers as well as crooked officials are the real causes of the anarchy and distrust in the law system in the country. 

I see no difference between a contact killer and a corrupt judge: both are interested only moneymaking by performing wrongfulness. 


Gaurav, Apropos to your comment I have to ask you: WHere did you see “awe” in what I wrote? I dropped the lines because I felt to. I felt to….because I thought people like you would try to clarify the matter. 

Can you make me clear regarding the controversy? 

By the way, how does “it” (but what?) hurt every single ordinary proud Nepali? Don’t you think that without harming others one can do anything remaining within the framework of decency? What wrong did  you see putting up a question? 

However, I now know sth about why Maainlaa has been dragged into controversy. And, I don’t see anything wrong behind their logic too.  

Meanwhile, their points are not enough to label Rai bro as “royalist” and deny him. 

—————-xxxxxx———————–xxxxxx———————–xxxxxx——————Deelip,In reference to your query, I prefer saying I am here entertaining you! LolBuddy, I live in this wonderland. Virtually, we are in contact. 

Cheers. —————-xxxxxx———————–xxxxxx———————–xxxxxx—————— 

The mention of the “I am a parasite” made me laugh. You really are. lol


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