A nun who escaped from the monastery to meet a boy

Probably this is my last entry for 2006. I will be keeping journal but won’t post as blogs for sometime.

For some days I had been getting calls from a girl and her buddies with “Bhote” accent. Karma is her name and she wants to talk to one Sange and one Saa(k)ti. For the first time when she had phoned, thinking that it was a mere “wrong number” dialling, I posed myself as Sange and talked to her. Later a lot of calls from the same person. Fun dodging them. Naani, Ishwor and even baaba have talked to them…

Yesterday they asked Ishwor who posed himself as “Sange”–probably her boyfriend– to meet them in the Pharping monastery. He said okay.

I received four calls today from “them”; she wanted me to meet her as per the plan! In Pharping. I convinced them that I was not Sange and tongue-in-cheek said, “I am Pasang. Sange has gone to bank in Durbarmarga.” And, I suggested them to call him in another number. When I tried to give them Ishwor’s number they said they already have the number. (Then why where they disturbing me? I was in attending KP’s boring lecture.) They would return then, they told me.

In the evening I got another call. From the usual number. 4497….. She probably had left my number at her place and would have told her friends that she was going to meet me (Sange). I got to know that she had not returned to the place till then.

I asked the caller, “Where are you calling from?”
“Bouddha. From Gumba,” she replied.

“What do you do? Do you go to school?”
“School? No. We live in the gumba.”

“Who are you?”
“Karma’s sister.”

She handed over the phone to another girl. She asked me if I knew where Karma has gone.
I told her that she had phoned me from Pharping and was asking me (Sange) to meet her there.

I asked her if Sange was the girl’s boyfriend and suggested that they would have eloped. She said,”I don’t think so.”

“What does Karma do then?”
“She is an aani (nun).”

Because of ritualistic humdrum and traditional teaching surroundings of the monastery probably they know nothing about the outside. And Karma perhaps wants to see the world and meet her friends. But she is very gullible. She cannot differentiate a typical aryan voice from Tibetan. (I had tried my best to ape Bhote accent, though.)

God! I was worried about the 16-year-old nun then. She was damn crazy meeting Sange, a lad. Whoever he be…. The young nun can be easily deceived.

I told Dolma, who talked to me in fluent English for a while and then in Nepali, the truth…. And asked her to inform me when the nun returns. She has said okay.

Hope nothing bad happens to her!

——————–****—————————– **** ——————————

Before wrapping up, two haikus:

Let me take a break
I may return, may be not
Who cares for a nuts!

No will to repent
What time means I’d forgotten
I need to make up

——————–****—————————– **** ——————————
I would post this at 9:20 had the connection not failed. The 691 error for three times. Who else is using this account then?

“Vaes doesn’t call me up so why would I?” I had thought. But I talked to her some minutes ago.

Meanwhile, while preparing coffee for myself, I phoned Ish and told him about the nun incidence. He laughed at me.


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