On the Blood Agar plate, there were mixed colonies. The mucoid grey colonies were beta-hemolytic. Microscopy showed these were of Gram positive cocci in chain. For sure, Streptococcus species. Yellowish colonies were of cocci in bunch—suggesting Staphyloccus species.

Both were catalase positive. But oxidase results could not be interpreted. I was thinking of performing antibiotic susceptibility test with both the isolates. I could only manage an MHA plate that too with some contamination… So did not preferred doing that…

The bacteria isolated on BA mirrors that my wound has been infected. Probably by Staph spp; there were a lot of colonies of it. The streptococci would have grown by contamination. May be the case is the other way round. Streptoccocus infected the bitten lip. And, Staph was around the lip as normal flora. What about cross infection? I cannot rule out it, by any means. But chances are little.

I have lots of bacteria in my mouth cavity. Be it small cut in my lip or some other ulcer, those opportunistic pathogens infect me. Time and again. Now, my immune system is fighting with the invaders. It has to win. Without aid of antibiotics.

At the CDM, I told Mr. Karki that it would be kind of unethical to disclose marks of all applicants to any Tom, Dick and Harry. Without any response, he just listened to me that time. “Koirala jee, accepting your suggestion, we have stopped doing that. Thanks,” he said later. I could see the ledger with the column for the marks covered.

Thanks to Seav! When I told her the marks of her friend, she was furious with me. “How did you know that? Who revealed you the confidentiality?” Hehe… People get to learn things every moment. She let me realised that thing and I told them the essence of confidentiality!

In the Rajendra Bhandari doping scandal, officially, the then athletic coach, Günter Lange, has been said to be responsible for giving Bhandari the banned drug. Lange left Nepal amid the wrangle between him and the authorities before SAG. Did he conspire to take revenge with Nepal(is) then? Or, has he been accused by the Nepali authority –since he is back home—only to save the Nepali athlete? Meanwhile, the Bhandari doping scandal has tainted the Nepali sports. Nepali authorities cannot find any excuse for this.

I could not decipher the meaning…. Anyways


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