Diary stuff

I asked PMS for lift. Earlier, I told him about the argument with his bro RMS. “Everybody in the family has high blood pressure. He too is hypertensive, so has quite a temper. More than that from the place he’s being thrown to a place in Pokhara. And you would have become his victim.”

I did not take part in the MISAN’s programme Why to?. My symbolic disagreement with them. But who cares of it?

I have no bias for the association. But I am angry again.

All organizations are intangible. People fill up life in them. What if they are not honest? They try to find excuse for their mistakes. They hide their dishonesty, and others mistake it for it the organization’s.

Anyways. They did not refund me. I will remember $2.99 forever. And, also that cunning Herr Fow and his deceit.

I have cultured the sample from my infected, bitten lip on Blood Agar. Let me see which species of Staph will be isolated.

Last night I had thought of hitting the sack early. But spent the whole night chatting with Prof Bauerle. Politics, thanksgiving, my research and all. I missed the first lecture today.


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