He feels himself very strong these days; he’s married niece of the home minister. When I met him yesterday, I found a changed Kishore.

While chewing something, I bit my lower lip some days ago. Now it’s infected. I have mild fever, restlessness and tonsils are swollen. Tip of the tongue too has bruise; it’s painful. Though not a diabetic, my wounds very slowly heal.

The High Level Commission submitted the reported to the PM today. Will actions be taken against the guilty? Hopefully, the Rayamajhi Commission report will not transmute into another Mallik Commission report.

Girija Prasad, by chance, is the prime minister again. You have a chance not to make a mistake again, though the past one cannot be rectified by any means!

Peace pact, it is said, will be signed tomorrow. Best wishes.

My left eye lid…, twitching nettles. Premonition…

I took the girl I saw in Ason for Avinashi, the blogger, for a while. But later felt nose, eyes, and everything differed… So didn’t opt to ask. Where you there in Ason today?

I am of complex character. If somebody doesn’t respond on phone, I get pissed off.

Child psychology is difficult to understand. All children are not innocent, some are evil also. Sonu, naani’s student, tried to beat his five-day-old sister re. Sibling rivalry hola. Tara dai and I never did harm naani when she was small.


3 comments on “Jumble

  1. hey u know what….I read few of ur blogs and found tempting…..ani rest padhnai baaki chha..wanna do it soon ..and i shall be commenting hai.
    ajkal dherai nai bg chhu k.

    ani look….I just wrote this and noticed my name ..oh…its so funny..but i wasnot thr in Ason….these days..the only place u can find me are Bhaktapur…samakhusea…kupandole ..or Teku…..and rarely at other placess….ok anyway…your HI anytime wil be welcomed.

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