A motley mix

Anil did not return my MP slides. How could he forget? So disgusting. I could learn things from Dr.PG.

KP, visiting faculty and also one of the authors (compilers?) of a newly published book in the subject, jotted down points during my presentation. He’s said he will “update facts” in his book in upcoming edition. Who cares?

Only carrying mobile phone doesn’t make a person civilized. The girl was literally making noises in the library. One gentleman rebuked her…

Ardie and Anup came today to take the Molecular Cloning. That moment I thought Anup had asked for Part 2 only (I had forgotten things. He instead said, “1 and 3. Not 2, I have it..”) I was sorry for the misunderstanding. He was upset. Who would pay for that one then? Ardie showed interest in it. Later the copier showed the 2 and the 3. Oh, some relief then. Ardie took the 2, Anup the 3. They have askd me to photocopy two 1, and one 3.

The Topley and Wilson series Surendra brought from TUTH is older edition. NMC library has 2005 edition. Why to run after the old one then? Copier and Surendra both called me up to request (however, before they said anything I advised them not to tell others) not to tell others! They are half done now. Why to bungle their business?

Stale sweets in Kirtipur. Chobhar was very cold today. We three in a bike! Peanuts and oranges.

Peanuts are expensive; now peanuts cannot be gotten in peanuts! Lol

From the beginning, Ardie was against the idea going to Chobhar. He’s got to work on “book.” Writing a book.

Ish denies of “contact.” May be he got infected with N. gonorrhoeae by other means. Via fomite? Very little chances because the bacterium is sensitive to drying as well as light. Thus it cannot survive out of genitourinary tract for long.

What does reactionary mean? Though I know its literal meaning, I am trying to understand its meaning in “politics in practice”. Let’s not talk about India being reactionary or not here. A question: Does to be opportunist has something to do with the term “reactionary”? They cashed in on anti-India sentiment to be strong. Now they say they want to work together with India.

They have realised, it seems, jingoism cannot lead them to success. Success in terms of ruling/-power.

Prachanda and his followers…. Time will show. Let’s watch and see.

Raiman appears to be only cashing in on being a Janaandolan victim. According to one of his colleagues, saying he needs money for treatment he collects money from party leaders all the time but doesn’t care for treatment. Aba khoi k ho k ho?

I forgot about the programme in Khulamanch. It would be fun there…

My connection. It’s only 9.6 kbps. Disconnects time and again. Mercantile sucks sometimes. It’s been more than half an hour, I am not being able post It’s been more than an hour, I could not post this very entry.


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