You are doomed to lose Mr. Bush

There is a shloka in some Sankrit literature which reads: …Veera bhogyaa Basundharaa. Meaning: The bodacious rule the earth.

But it’s not always true. Only being bold is not enough to rule the earth; wisdom too is called for. And, the Einstein’s Law of Relativity when applied in sociopolitical anchors, say just to understand things from a different angle, you will explicitly take into account of effects of different “laws” in an object in the frame of reference.

This circumlocution is necessary here.

Finally, the verdict of death sentence for the Iraqi tyrant Saddam Hussein came today. For his crime against humanity. I won’t talk about his aides here. Only Hussein. Because is a representative of all dictators at present.

For sure, Saddam was an autocrat. He killed innocent people on sectarian grounds and leaders who voiced against him in different occasions. Thousands of Iraqis futilely lost their life, for whatever reasons during the Baath Party leader’s his regime since 1979. Also, in the eight-year-long Iran-Iraq War and the Persian Gulf War a large number of people were killed. I won’t talk about the soldiers; innocent folks were the real victims.

“They will drown in their own blood.” Just after Iraq’s invasion in Kuwait, referring to the coalition forces assembling in Saudi Arabia to expel the Iraqis from Kuwait, the pugnacious Iraqi President had said so.

Now, it’s his turn to be killed. His plea to be killed by a firing squad was overlooked by the judges. He won’t get a chance to be drowned in his own blood. He will be hung.

In television today, I saw Hussein hearing the verdict. He was prepared for the decision. No feeling of guilt. He yelled something in his mother tongue. According to the interpreter, he said: Long live Iraq. Long live Iraqis. Down with the invaders…

May be he loves his country. But the way he ruled bode ill to his own future and the country in general.

I shall come to the point now. Saddam has to face his fate. He will get the fruit of his karma. No need to wait for next birth to face the upshots of his wrongdoings. For now, may be a fraction of “fruit” he really deserves.

But what about other war-mongers who are hacking innocent people to death in Iraq?

When Saddam was putsched, Iraq became like a swarm of bees that lost its queen. Anarchy and sectarian violence everywhere. Civil war, we can say it.

By the way, though there were other more oppressive governments and bigger autocrats than Saddam in the region, why did the US and the allies choose Iraq and Saddam? In Iraq, women had voting rights despite other Islamic nations in the neighbourhood that haven’t recognized suffragettism yet. People had health care facilities and all right education system. The West’s allegation was Saddam hoarded nukes and other weapons of mass destruction, which turned out to be a hoax false later. So why was Iraq invaded? Sooner or later, Saddam was to be overthrown. But why was Iraq bombed on false ground?

Here may be the point. In a frame of reference, different laws are applied simultaneously in an object. Iraq was invaded not to liberate Iraqi people from the tyrant but to show the rest of the world that how powerful the US is, and most probably to cash in the natural resources of Iraq. Iraq, I believe, became the scapegoat of the US vengeance with the Islamic terrorists in one hand and the Bull’s eye of the overambitious Bush’s desire to symbolically rule the world in the other. I may be wrong; however, I think Iraq was aimed because it was a soft target compared to Iran or North Korea since they knew that it had no WMDs.

If the history is always written on behalf of the winners, Bush and his war-mongering allies apparently are hero for a while. However, they too have committed crime against humanity. Who will punish them? If there exits God and if there is things like sin, for sure, they won’t be spared.

Islamic extremism found a fertile milieu to grow under supercilious US statesmanship; it’s an overt reality. With arrogance and speciousness in the foreign, security and economic policies, the US government along with the Islamic terrorists is ruining the world.

It’s high time you got out of the illusion, Mr. President. Else, with hatred for you among people within your country and across the globe, Mr. Bush, you are doomed to lose! We have time to see your fate.


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