Aid for AIDS: Mare’s nest

THERE IS AIDS SO THERE IS AID. And, nobody will deny this fact at least in Nepali context.

No matter in whatever grounds the authorities try to justify the haphazard expending of the funds in the name of prevention and control of AIDS, for Nepal, there is HIV so there is aid.

In the background of, the AIDS pandemic, if there was no concentrated epidemic in the country, such a huge amount of money would not flow into Nepal through different channels. Thanks to the notorious retrovirus, it has let some people here to cash in on.

Who has cared about the people infected with HIV? Both the government and the dollar-making NGO domain have been of no avail to the target groups as a matter of fact. Otherwise, why no easy and accessible availability of the ARV medicines to the infected?

I have one experience to recall. Some months ago, I had been to the Epidemiology & Disease Control Division, Department of Health Services, Teku. In a dirty toilet of the laboratory building, I, by chance, saw two girls doing something. One was standing with her trousers half open and the other leaning down was pricking needle in the butt. What were they doing?

By appearance, the former was very rough: ill clad, lean and thin and tattoos in her arms. I asked one of my friends out there working in the lab what they might be doing. By my description of the event and appearance, he smiled for a while and said, “The girl, a former drug addict, routinely comes for the CD4 count.”

Phew! The HIV positives and the suspected are sent to dirty lavatories for drawing blood sample! Why do trained health professionals hesitate to help them draw blood? Don’t you see any stigma in such cases?

Anyways. On the eve of the World AIDS 2006, the US government has announced a big sum as aid for Nepal to curb the HIV/AIDS.

Only money is not enough to fight the disease. Grit and determination, vision and leadership, honesty and transparency too are called for. My suggestion to the stakeholders is: Don’t make the most of the disease in monetary terms only; come forward with feasible plans to fight the HIV/AIDS.


For Why does keshuvko blog?

I don’t know why others blog. But for me at present blogging has been a passion.

Once I used pen my journal, hide the manuscript and open it whenever I turned nostalgic to read it. With the evolution of the IT, web-logging came in vogue. And, I won’t deny, I started blogging to be au courant. I let others to read what I write now. (Not everything, though).

I want others to read me so I publish what I write. Publish? Yes; I don’t have to approach the “PRESS” for publishing my write-ups. More than that no censor, no editing necessitated.

Well, there are a plethora of reasons for me to blog. I keep my journal; I have a weird plan regarding writing. Blogging has been kind of homework for me, thus.

I write (=blog):

To express myself. To confess things. To message others. To reprove those persons who in person I cannot chance on and also those who I have to feign that I respect them. To message others. To entice some. To nag myself. To analyse…To share experiences…

I blog to let others know the ups and downs of my mindset. Perhaps, I blog to belittle myself. May be, I blog to astonish others with my “wisdom”.

————-****————-**** ————-****————-****—————

Why I wrote this


I am planning to write an entry – Why Nepalese Blog? – for (a blog about Nepali blogosphere). For the purpose of my writing, I would like to put on your views on it, so please can you send me answer to the following question (or direct me to the link where you have written about that):


Thanks in advance,

Ujjwal Acharya,
Kathmandu, Nepal
What I wrote in reply

Dear Ujjwal Acharya /@/,

I wanted to take a break for sometime. From blogging stuff, I mean. But when I saw your mail, I decided to reply you. I am posting it as an entry and emailing it.

Hopefully, you will be done with your entry “Why Nepalese (or is it Nepalis?) blog?” very soon.

All the best
Blogger/One-time-journo/Sc—-t (In your style, bro!)

A nun who escaped from the monastery to meet a boy

Probably this is my last entry for 2006. I will be keeping journal but won’t post as blogs for sometime.

For some days I had been getting calls from a girl and her buddies with “Bhote” accent. Karma is her name and she wants to talk to one Sange and one Saa(k)ti. For the first time when she had phoned, thinking that it was a mere “wrong number” dialling, I posed myself as Sange and talked to her. Later a lot of calls from the same person. Fun dodging them. Naani, Ishwor and even baaba have talked to them…

Yesterday they asked Ishwor who posed himself as “Sange”–probably her boyfriend– to meet them in the Pharping monastery. He said okay.

I received four calls today from “them”; she wanted me to meet her as per the plan! In Pharping. I convinced them that I was not Sange and tongue-in-cheek said, “I am Pasang. Sange has gone to bank in Durbarmarga.” And, I suggested them to call him in another number. When I tried to give them Ishwor’s number they said they already have the number. (Then why where they disturbing me? I was in attending KP’s boring lecture.) They would return then, they told me.

In the evening I got another call. From the usual number. 4497….. She probably had left my number at her place and would have told her friends that she was going to meet me (Sange). I got to know that she had not returned to the place till then.

I asked the caller, “Where are you calling from?”
“Bouddha. From Gumba,” she replied.

“What do you do? Do you go to school?”
“School? No. We live in the gumba.”

“Who are you?”
“Karma’s sister.”

She handed over the phone to another girl. She asked me if I knew where Karma has gone.
I told her that she had phoned me from Pharping and was asking me (Sange) to meet her there.

I asked her if Sange was the girl’s boyfriend and suggested that they would have eloped. She said,”I don’t think so.”

“What does Karma do then?”
“She is an aani (nun).”

Because of ritualistic humdrum and traditional teaching surroundings of the monastery probably they know nothing about the outside. And Karma perhaps wants to see the world and meet her friends. But she is very gullible. She cannot differentiate a typical aryan voice from Tibetan. (I had tried my best to ape Bhote accent, though.)

God! I was worried about the 16-year-old nun then. She was damn crazy meeting Sange, a lad. Whoever he be…. The young nun can be easily deceived.

I told Dolma, who talked to me in fluent English for a while and then in Nepali, the truth…. And asked her to inform me when the nun returns. She has said okay.

Hope nothing bad happens to her!

——————–****—————————– **** ——————————

Before wrapping up, two haikus:

Let me take a break
I may return, may be not
Who cares for a nuts!

No will to repent
What time means I’d forgotten
I need to make up

——————–****—————————– **** ——————————
I would post this at 9:20 had the connection not failed. The 691 error for three times. Who else is using this account then?

“Vaes doesn’t call me up so why would I?” I had thought. But I talked to her some minutes ago.

Meanwhile, while preparing coffee for myself, I phoned Ish and told him about the nun incidence. He laughed at me.


Money matters but it’s not everything…

Arun Sir paid my bus fare while going to Ratnapark. I could not stop him. (Anyways, my money was saved.) I found a two-rupee coin in the Kirtipur microbus; I, who talk over forthrightness regarding money, did not bother to ask anybody in the bus about the two hundred paisa piece. I would have given it to the conductor; once I thought of giving it to him also, but could not do that. I don’t know why. Subliminal greed would have overruled me. Yes it was greed factor. “I only have to add a five rupee note for the fare.”

Opportunely, a friend riding the same bus paid for me also. The coin could not be expended. I did not prefer throwing it and kept in my pocket. But was not happy on what I did.

In the CDM, I encountered Prof. Rai. I did Namaste. He responded with a smile and a well-made Namaste.

“Bhai ko naam k re?” he asked as if he knew me for an age but did forget the name only.

“Keshav,” I with some hesitation said.

“You had asked questions last time!” (Hell, no. What made him think so!) But gently I said, “I was there but did not ask questions.”

“Yours (get up?) is unique. I remember you.” Okay. Everybody remembers me by my visual aspect. My hirsute appearance has been my identity, pathetically.

In the meantime Fraulein Thulung started talking to him. A golden chance for me to escape.

I joined the guys. We walked all the way from the department to Champadevi. They had planned to visit the Sitiram Dairy Milk. The HoD took time to reach the place. So we went to the Pushpalal Memorial Park. A lot of fun. From the hill below the Chandragiri, a nice panorama of the concrete jungle in Kathmandu.

Khagendra saluted the statuette of Comrade. Anil and may be Shree also did the same. Kashi, an anti-communist, looked down at them. Who cares?

School kids had come there for picnic. Some of them confused me with a westerner. Some suspected my moustache to be not real.

“Nepali hoina tyo ta Angrej ho”
“Tyo kuire le ta Nepali pani bolchha.”
“Nakkali junga”

While getting down the hill, Khagendra told me the story of his family. I had some back pain so he helped me by carrying my heavy bag. (Oh, thanks bro for doing me a favour.) He told me how much struggle his family has done and how cardamom farming helped them be financially stable.

Dr. Singh along with two of the CDM staffers was waiting for us in front of the factory. The manager had gone outside so we had to wait for a while to get inside. Mr. Joshi, the Quality Control man, and Miss Meena, the Microbiologist, briefed us about the operation of the dairy plant. I could not stay inside the cold store for more than 10 minutes…

The sweets department was already closed so we did not get anything to eat. Was really hungry by then. Nothing was left with me. Guys had eaten up my cookies.

In a small shop, guys drank tea and ate puff. I ate a puff and a chocolate. Teasingly, all asked Khagendra, Mr. President, to pay the bills.

Next Saturday, the gang-of-five unexpectedly has asked me to join them in trekking to Lankuribhanjyang. I won’t go, I am sure. Khagendra wants me to go to the Champadevi temple in the top of the tallest hill on Baisakh 1 with him.

Shree is clever than a fox. He overtook me taking materials from Anup.

Exhausted and hungry, I reached home in the evening. Drank half a litre of milk coffee and ate bhuteko makai bhatmaas. I did not preffered eating roti. Noodles and tarkaari…


On the Blood Agar plate, there were mixed colonies. The mucoid grey colonies were beta-hemolytic. Microscopy showed these were of Gram positive cocci in chain. For sure, Streptococcus species. Yellowish colonies were of cocci in bunch—suggesting Staphyloccus species.

Both were catalase positive. But oxidase results could not be interpreted. I was thinking of performing antibiotic susceptibility test with both the isolates. I could only manage an MHA plate that too with some contamination… So did not preferred doing that…

The bacteria isolated on BA mirrors that my wound has been infected. Probably by Staph spp; there were a lot of colonies of it. The streptococci would have grown by contamination. May be the case is the other way round. Streptoccocus infected the bitten lip. And, Staph was around the lip as normal flora. What about cross infection? I cannot rule out it, by any means. But chances are little.

I have lots of bacteria in my mouth cavity. Be it small cut in my lip or some other ulcer, those opportunistic pathogens infect me. Time and again. Now, my immune system is fighting with the invaders. It has to win. Without aid of antibiotics.

At the CDM, I told Mr. Karki that it would be kind of unethical to disclose marks of all applicants to any Tom, Dick and Harry. Without any response, he just listened to me that time. “Koirala jee, accepting your suggestion, we have stopped doing that. Thanks,” he said later. I could see the ledger with the column for the marks covered.

Thanks to Seav! When I told her the marks of her friend, she was furious with me. “How did you know that? Who revealed you the confidentiality?” Hehe… People get to learn things every moment. She let me realised that thing and I told them the essence of confidentiality!

In the Rajendra Bhandari doping scandal, officially, the then athletic coach, Günter Lange, has been said to be responsible for giving Bhandari the banned drug. Lange left Nepal amid the wrangle between him and the authorities before SAG. Did he conspire to take revenge with Nepal(is) then? Or, has he been accused by the Nepali authority –since he is back home—only to save the Nepali athlete? Meanwhile, the Bhandari doping scandal has tainted the Nepali sports. Nepali authorities cannot find any excuse for this.

I could not decipher the meaning…. Anyways

Diary stuff

I asked PMS for lift. Earlier, I told him about the argument with his bro RMS. “Everybody in the family has high blood pressure. He too is hypertensive, so has quite a temper. More than that from the place he’s being thrown to a place in Pokhara. And you would have become his victim.”

I did not take part in the MISAN’s programme Why to?. My symbolic disagreement with them. But who cares of it?

I have no bias for the association. But I am angry again.

All organizations are intangible. People fill up life in them. What if they are not honest? They try to find excuse for their mistakes. They hide their dishonesty, and others mistake it for it the organization’s.

Anyways. They did not refund me. I will remember $2.99 forever. And, also that cunning Herr Fow and his deceit.

I have cultured the sample from my infected, bitten lip on Blood Agar. Let me see which species of Staph will be isolated.

Last night I had thought of hitting the sack early. But spent the whole night chatting with Prof Bauerle. Politics, thanksgiving, my research and all. I missed the first lecture today.

Don’t rest on your laurels, you have to go ahead!

With the signing of the peace accord by the premier and the rebellion leader, the 11-year-long armed insurgency has formally ended. War is over now. The Maoists are now on the verge of joining the competitive multiparty democracy. Hopefully, they will transform into a tolerant political party.

Girija Prasad was very smart today. Though a little bit self-centric, Prachanda too was correct. Yuvaraj Gnawali’s was okay. No complaints with Sitaula’s. But Mahara’s was unarticulated and boring.

Plethora of young conflict management pundits in one side and an old man of energy and commitment in the other, the octogenarian turned out to be eminent.

His sense of humour got manifested in the “profound” speech. He feared of being spirit, if his commitment (to establish peace in the country) unaccomplished!

“We have set up an example to the world”. Well said. Very true.

But everybody has to realise: It’s not time to rest on our laurels. We have to advance. In the run of economic development, we are far lagged behind compared to our neighbours. Therefore, to provide a conducive milieu for development, we have to end up with a politically stable Nepal.

Miles to go ahead
Time not for rest, be honest
Commitment does count

You have to advance
Do not rest on your laurels
You politicos

You ruined the country
Make up the loss inflicted
We people say this

Else no more excuse
Blood of all martyrs you killed!
You all go to hell

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He feels himself very strong these days; he’s married niece of the home minister. When I met him yesterday, I found a changed Kishore.

While chewing something, I bit my lower lip some days ago. Now it’s infected. I have mild fever, restlessness and tonsils are swollen. Tip of the tongue too has bruise; it’s painful. Though not a diabetic, my wounds very slowly heal.

The High Level Commission submitted the reported to the PM today. Will actions be taken against the guilty? Hopefully, the Rayamajhi Commission report will not transmute into another Mallik Commission report.

Girija Prasad, by chance, is the prime minister again. You have a chance not to make a mistake again, though the past one cannot be rectified by any means!

Peace pact, it is said, will be signed tomorrow. Best wishes.

My left eye lid…, twitching nettles. Premonition…

I took the girl I saw in Ason for Avinashi, the blogger, for a while. But later felt nose, eyes, and everything differed… So didn’t opt to ask. Where you there in Ason today?

I am of complex character. If somebody doesn’t respond on phone, I get pissed off.

Child psychology is difficult to understand. All children are not innocent, some are evil also. Sonu, naani’s student, tried to beat his five-day-old sister re. Sibling rivalry hola. Tara dai and I never did harm naani when she was small.

A motley mix

Anil did not return my MP slides. How could he forget? So disgusting. I could learn things from Dr.PG.

KP, visiting faculty and also one of the authors (compilers?) of a newly published book in the subject, jotted down points during my presentation. He’s said he will “update facts” in his book in upcoming edition. Who cares?

Only carrying mobile phone doesn’t make a person civilized. The girl was literally making noises in the library. One gentleman rebuked her…

Ardie and Anup came today to take the Molecular Cloning. That moment I thought Anup had asked for Part 2 only (I had forgotten things. He instead said, “1 and 3. Not 2, I have it..”) I was sorry for the misunderstanding. He was upset. Who would pay for that one then? Ardie showed interest in it. Later the copier showed the 2 and the 3. Oh, some relief then. Ardie took the 2, Anup the 3. They have askd me to photocopy two 1, and one 3.

The Topley and Wilson series Surendra brought from TUTH is older edition. NMC library has 2005 edition. Why to run after the old one then? Copier and Surendra both called me up to request (however, before they said anything I advised them not to tell others) not to tell others! They are half done now. Why to bungle their business?

Stale sweets in Kirtipur. Chobhar was very cold today. We three in a bike! Peanuts and oranges.

Peanuts are expensive; now peanuts cannot be gotten in peanuts! Lol

From the beginning, Ardie was against the idea going to Chobhar. He’s got to work on “book.” Writing a book.

Ish denies of “contact.” May be he got infected with N. gonorrhoeae by other means. Via fomite? Very little chances because the bacterium is sensitive to drying as well as light. Thus it cannot survive out of genitourinary tract for long.

What does reactionary mean? Though I know its literal meaning, I am trying to understand its meaning in “politics in practice”. Let’s not talk about India being reactionary or not here. A question: Does to be opportunist has something to do with the term “reactionary”? They cashed in on anti-India sentiment to be strong. Now they say they want to work together with India.

They have realised, it seems, jingoism cannot lead them to success. Success in terms of ruling/-power.

Prachanda and his followers…. Time will show. Let’s watch and see.

Raiman appears to be only cashing in on being a Janaandolan victim. According to one of his colleagues, saying he needs money for treatment he collects money from party leaders all the time but doesn’t care for treatment. Aba khoi k ho k ho?

I forgot about the programme in Khulamanch. It would be fun there…

My connection. It’s only 9.6 kbps. Disconnects time and again. Mercantile sucks sometimes. It’s been more than half an hour, I am not being able post It’s been more than an hour, I could not post this very entry.


Tomorrow I have to present on chlamydia, an STI. Preparation is going on… So despite my wish to write on Prachanda and his recent press conference in India, I won’t…

Not to kill time now. Presentation! Uhhhhhhhh slides……….

Why erotic carvings in Nepali Hindu temples

In the library in September, I saw a newly arrived book displayed.

Indian Esoteric Buddhism
A Social History of the Tantric Movement
Ronald M. Davidson
ISBN: 81-208-1991-8

The sticker showed: 309.54 // D281i // 2002. “i” indicated that it was for issue.
I had started writing something about traditional architect of Nepali temples and effects of tantra on it. Actually, I thought of writing on the topic when I was in Benares in April this year. I saw local tourist guides dissipating misleading information about the Nepali Temple in the Lalita Ghat to tourists. And the book could be of help to understand something about tantra, I had thought.

I was the first borrower of the book. Since Sep 14, I have been renewing it, but hardly have I have read more than two pages. (Today I renewed it. But I know I don’t read it.)
For those unwitting guides in Varanasi, the love making carvings in the artistically hewn wooden strut (tundaal) are Kaamasutra postures. And believing what they are told, the sightseers enjoy the woodcraft as if it’s a classy piece of erotica. Erroneously the replica temple of the Pashupatinath on the bank of the Ganges has been depicted as “Sex Temple.” And, that’s catastrophe. Continue reading

A seam ball: Ungiven gift

THT guys were there at the ground in Kirtipur for the Super Sixes: practicing in the net.

Govind, Naresh, Suraj, Pishan, and others. Among them, only Govind was a scribe. Others were either marketing guys or corporate staffers. I forgot name of one of them but I don’t know other two. I didn’t see Dhruv there. Govind said that they did not ask him to play this year.

I too bowled for sometimes. I faced an over but I could contact the bat with the ball twice; I was beaten other times. Surendra and Saroj did not get tired; when the players went to the pavilion, they returned from the net.

By the way, I found a four-piece ball; now it’s been mine. What had happened earlier is while practicing, the ball was lost in grass and neither Saroj nor Suraj could find it. However, everybody was gone inside when I found it. Why would I return it! I took it. After all, after about a couple of years I gave up the job, I got an ungiven gift from my former employee. Lol

Not to give it to others. Nor will I play with it. It’s for keepsake.

Nice to know that THT won the match. Congratulations.