Practice proper disposing of condoms

Probably because of the torrential advertisement in the electronic media, the condom is widely used in urban areas. You can take the negligently disposed scum-bags seen here and there around your place for proof.

Yes, people learnt using the sheath to prevent Sexually Transmitted Infections and unwanted pregnancies. However, they haven’t learnt how to use it properly. Proper use includes the proper disposal of it. Else why do they idiotically throw the rubber in their neighbour’s garden or in the roadside?

When I see the plastic-coated colourful packets of condom cast aside in public places, I feel embarrassed. The intensity of embarrassment is higher when it is used rubbers flashing on in open.

How will you feel when you see a little kid untying a used rubber and filling air in it? Of course, with his mouth! What will you see your son or daughter doing so? I have seen such things many times.

Idiots they are who do not dispose condoms properly.

Do people need to be individually told to dispose the rubbers properly after use?

Let me begin the campaign then.




Will government and non-government organisations take the essence of proper disposal used condoms seriously? Why not to add up a line at the end of advertisements of condom in TV and radio then?



46 comments on “Practice proper disposing of condoms

  1. I agree. But why all the nonsense about not flushing your used rubbers. For years it has been the commonly used disposal. Now it is a no-no, why I don’t know. It works perfectly well. I know I have flushed hundreds ofrubbers after sex for years without any problem.

    • The usual disposal of usedvcondoms is to flush then down the toilet I always flush my used rubber after sex never have aby problem.

    not correct! cause they are not biodegradable.
    overall, a good observation though. will comment after i have gone thru rest of the material.



    cause condoms are not biodegradable.
    overall, a good observation though. will comment after i have gone thru rest of the material.

    • As I live in a house with town sewerage I alwys dispose of my used condoms by flushing down the toilet after sex with my wife. Never any trouble/problems doing so.

      • So many posts here say flushing your used rubbers is not problem and is the best way to get rid of them. We used to do that – after fucking every night I tossed the used rubbers in the toilet. No problem for a couple of years then all of a sudden the system was badly clogged and backing up. When the plumber came and rooter-ed out the pipes, a couple of years worth of rubbers came flying up (followed by the guy’s jokes). Now, after we fuck the rubbers go into the bathroom bin and eventually to the landfill.

  4. Yes rubber is not easily degraded by microbes. But it’s better to flush than to throw it in open.

    However, if the sheaths can be collected and processed further that will be environment friendly.

    Thanks for the comment Tara.

    • I have used hundreda of condoms in my love life and have dosposed of all of them down the toilet and nevber had any problems doing so. Seems the best disposal.

      • It always seemed more sensible to flush used condoms down rge toilet, than to leave them where others might find them and handle them improperly.

  5. Seriously, it’s really wrong to flush condoms. Latex IS biodegradable (it’s made from rubber trees) but ONLY if it’s in air (i.e. in landfill). Latex doesn’t biodegrade underwater, the condom just ends up in rivers or on beaches. Not cool. Bag it and bin it.

  6. The only positive way to assure that a hazardous item like a condom filled with possibily contaminated seman placing it positivly out of reach of others is to flush it down the toilet after use. All toilets can dispose of condoms without problems, contrary to stories of blockage etc.

  7. I am really having difficulty understanding all the info on the internet warning not to dispose of used condoms by flushng dow the toilet. For years it has been the prefered disposal by most condom users including me. I doubt if you can chahge peoples habits. Dispite warnings rubbers flush away with no trouble and do not plug up toilets etc.

      • I wonder why all the warnings of trouble if you flush used rubbers down the toilet after sex. I’ve done it for years and never had ine dail to flush. I sincerely state itnis the best disposal..try it and see.

  8. I thought my girlfriend was paranoic when she worried about our used rubbers discarded in her waste basket. She requested that I flush them down the toilet—which is a much better disposal that I highly recommend.

    • dispite all the warnings of disabled toilets, after my wife and I make love using a rubber I have never had any trouble when I flush the rubber down the toilet. Seems the best way to dispose

  9. It is nice reading about condoms disposal.
    Do you have some information on studies carried out disposal of used condoms anywhere in the world that can help us come up with appropriate strategies, here in Uganda.

  10. For years the recommended disposal of used condoms was to flush them down the toilet.It works without fail and is my prefered disposal.

  11. “… flushing condoms down the toilet
    is a bad idea. They can clog your plumbing or end up in the water supply.”

    Go Ask Alice!: Environmentally-friendly condom disposal

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    “During normal weather conditions, items such as tampons, cotton buds
    and condoms which are flushed down the toilet will remain in the
    sewers and eventually end up at a sewage treatment plant.”


    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    “Wrap a used condom in a tissue and throw it in the trash… Condoms
    can choke the pipes if flushed down the toilet.”

    Condoms Tips

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    “… condoms and the like can create problems at sewage treatment
    plants or with your septic tank.”

    What You Can Do ? At Home

  12. Oops… Sorry about the links in that previous post. Should have checked them before copying them.

    The bottom line is that you have to be pretty daft to believe that flushing a condom down the toilet is a good idea. People seem to believe that just because you can’t see them anymore they must have magically disappeared. (i suppose i shouldn’t be too surprised because that seems to be how most people go through life)


    A toilet isn’t magic. The water and waste has to go SOMEWHERE. And condoms stick around.

    IF they make it through your plumbing they are going to end up in a septic tank or a sewage treatment plant (we hope). In any case, they need to be removed from the sewage at some point and… guess what… they will be incinerated or dumped in a landfill.

    Why not just wrap it in a tissue and send it on a direct trip to the incinerator or landfill?

    • If it’s going to end up in the same place eventually anyway, who NOT use the more convenient option? unless you live rurally your sewage system is well equipped to sort the junk from the water, it’s not gonna end up choking some poor fishy, providing your system doesn’t flood of course

  13. Believe me keshav dai!! I am always gonna follow you!!

    The problem is grave in the suburbs.

    I would rather flush it than leave it outside my house for the childrens to “clean” their throat!!
    Sorry no blowjob kids!!

  14. I can’t understamd all the warnings not to dispose of used condoms by flushing down the toilet. I been disposing my rubbers by flushing and never have any problems. Seems the best and neatest disposal to m.

  15. Leave the used condom open in the road with a slip attatched mentioning the expiry date of 1 day, so that the collected semen in the condom can be used by ladies having no kids….!

  16. I always flush my condom after use and never had one fail to go down the tubes or cause any trouble. (snd thats a lot of rubbers)

  17. We recently found a used condom outside the front of our house and my boyfriend is blaming me becuase I was the last one to get home :( I didn’t do anything and feel upset because he wants to leave me and my son because he thinks I cheated. He put the used condom n a bag and threw it n the trash and I got the bag and took it to a lab to demonstrate I didn’t use it and I’m waiting for the results to arrive so I can throw the results in his face. But I do not understand how it got there. His brother lives with us too and he left the house early that morning and I think it might be his but he keeps denying. Please help how other way can I find out who left the used condon and the wrapper laying between my driveway and the neighbors driveway (by the way they have not been home in months)? I’m very confused and my relationship is ending over something I did not do. I feel bad for my 19 month old son :( please help me with ideas


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