Nepal Sambat issue

Today, the second day of waxing moon (= Dwitiyaa), was observed as Gobardhan Pooja also known as Goru Tihar as well as Hali Tihar.

The Newar community has more significance of the day because in the evening they pray to their own soul. Mha-Pooja they say. I don’t know much about the rituals but I am impressed by their culture recognizing he essence of the self.

Also, today begins the new year of Nepal Samwat. It’s now 1127 NS.
For years, a debate vis-à-vis official recognition of the Nepal Samwat is going on in some quarters. Actually, some intellectuals and organizations are campaigning for the acknowledgement of it as the national calendar.

What the advocates of it say is the Nepal Samwat is formulated in Nepali soil, not borrowed from alien cultures.

Bikram Samwat was made government calendar in the eighteenth century during the period of dictatorial premiership by Ranas. It is said that cunning Chandra Shumsher gave it state recognition only because the government workers could be paid lesser than that when the Nepal Samwat calendar that was in use earlier.

They argue the Bikram Samwat has nothing to do with Nepali-ness since it was named after King Vikramaaditya.
[According to far-famed historian Gyan Mani Nepal, Vikramaditya of Ujjain (India )was not the founder of the Bikram Samwat as it is being publicised these days. This calendar was in use long before he was born.]

However, none should forget that though it is not clear yet who founded Bikram Samwat, this era has long history. Even before Nepal Samwat was formulated, it was in use.
I have no objection to the campaigning for the Nepal Samwat. There should be a thorough debate and discussion in the issue. However, only to make a community happy, if the state does something in favour of the campaign, that may boomerang later. (Social, cultural, sectarian conflicts…..?)
Nepal has diverse culture and many eras (at least seven) are in use here. Yes, Nepal Samwat is native, also are the Lhosars (though these eras are followed by the ethnicities of Tibetan origin.) There is no proof that Bikram Samwat is foreign.
Meanwhile, what the campaigners should understand that only the Kathmandu Valley is not the whole country. People living outside too have equal right to voice for their issues.

The state should settle such issues wisely. No imposing of decisions then. Why not to decide such things by going to the people?

Plebiscite for all the issues of national importance!


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