Gai pooja and a mental

Prasanna and I chatted a lot last night. I forgot my boredom that time.

In the morning, the converstation between the granny and one of the visitors disturbed my sleep.

Gai pooja ta garna parihalyo aaja. WHen I was heading towards the cow shed, what made me thinking of chopping the cow! Dhat! esto ta sochhnu pani hunna……

I lost a handsome sum of money today in flush. Dai’s rough game did not let enjoy me the game. That Yadav always wins!

Goru school bunk garera taas khelna jando raichha ki kyaa ho! When he distributes cards, he appears to be a professional gambler.

Fireworks at Krishna Mama’s place….

There is a mental in our tole. Very young. Rough-hewn is his appearance as well as language. I guess he is into drugs. I noticed him a couple of days ago. BumBum is his nick name. He won that name because he always keeps on running shouting the word re. Even in the midnights, even in the eary mornings.

Yesterday I had seen him chanting vulgar parody of Bhailo songs. Nuts.

Today he teased me saying: Bob Marley, Bokey dari….I gave him a fig.