Mahakavi Devkota’s birth anniversary

Today is also the birthday of late great poet and philanthropist Laxmi Prasad Devkota. Regards to him.

When I was in school, while reading Devkota, I was impressed by what Dr. Berkeley said about Devkota when the latter who was suspected of having some mental ailments was taken to Ranchi for treatment.

“Devkota is a geographical mistake.”

How punching was the remark! Criticism, satire and statement of fact in a sentence.

(Sometimes I too feel that I also am a geographical mistake! It may be because I have not been able to be in the real field that suits me.)

There was cliché regarding Devkota in his biography: Though he was born on the Goddess Laksmi’s (Laksmi Pooja), he was gifted by Goddess Saraswoti. But he always suffered from lack of Laksmi (=wealth) in his life.

I remember a school friend of mine—Mahesh Khakurel— saying to me: “Rather than Devkota, Lekhanath Poudel appears to be talented to me. Devkota flows only with words but Poudel has sincerity and message to the society in his works.”

I don’t have that calibre to compare the littérateurs par excellence to draw a solid conclusion. I like both of them.

Yes, Devkota flows with words. The classical meters as well folk ones are very well played by him. He is good not only at poetry but also in prose he is superb…..

But in school I was tired of listening to the exaggeration about Devkota and his works by our Nepali teachers.

Devkota, you have been my source of inspiration!


Deepawali and Laksmi Pooja

I finished reading the autobiography “Aafnai Bhoot ko Kathaa” by Ramesh Khakurel at 6:25 pm. Maathi ko Baaba or may be Maamu gifted the book today to Baaba.

It was dark outside and children had started playing Bhaili.

I called up the Khakurel family to tell them that I read the book Maamu picked up th phone. I don’t know whether she recognised me; she was in rush of lighting candles and diyos. However, we had a nice conversation.

“How did you feel?” she asked. (Kasto laagyo ta?)
“Nice.” (Raamro.)
“You would have found some events events?”
“Yes.” This time I was not honest. It was just for making her not bad. I hadn’t found anything encouraging; however, there were things full of adventures in the memoirs.

Naani was not happy with me giving time to the book instead of helping her in the Deepawali chores. She shouted at me when I was talking to Maamu. However, the better half of the writer, also the publisher, was happy talking to a voracious reader who was giving feedbacks.

Had I got a chance to talk the writer, that would be another new experience–giving response to the writer the same day I read his/her works—for me.


I am the only male member in home now. Baba and dai has gone outside. They will return at midnight and aama will perform the rituals of Laksmi Pooja.

Tongue in cheek Aama asked me to keep fasting today. I haven’t eaten grains today; I am living on one litre of black coffee, three rasbaris and may be 100 ml yoghurt. I am feeling hungry now. However, I can live for two or three days without eating anything.

A lot of bangers are being cracked around. We too used to waste lots of money buying firecrackers a decade ago. We used to spend the dough whatever we could collect throughout the year in two occassions: during Tihar buying firecrackers and during Holi buying baloons and colours.

I am in hurry. My sis is shouting at me for keeping the phone busy on Internet. And may be she is angry at me because I am not helping her…..

Kids are chanting Bhaili songs.

Years ago we too used to go to play Bhaili and Deusi. Those were the days.