My room is dog’s breakfast

I am very unsystematic. If you get a chance to visit me (I mean, my room), for sure, your first comment will be on the messiness. Believe me my room is most of the times dog’s breakfast.

It had been more than four months I had last swept and managed the room. None in home bother(ed) even to broom it either.

Once without informing Navin came home. I was not there. Baba or may be Aama asked him to wait me. (It was lottery for my family to make me feel shame.) He could stay only for a minute or two in my jumbled “paradise.”

In Dashain and around Tihar, Navin always used to come to me and I had to keep my room neat and clean. (This year it was relief for me! lol)

I don’t know why today I felt to make my room clean. I did what I could. However, I forgot to mop up tables (I have two tables) and clean off dust particles from the bed-sheet. I can see the tika remnant of Dashain around pillow—annoying me.

Bookshelves are laden with dust particles. Clothes are dispersed here and there. Books are scattered in the reading table, bed, tables and even in the floor. A big book is above the CPU, I just saw it. Newspapers and magazines: everywhere. Even this computer table is full of things. Table clock, headphone, telephone, cellphone charger, mice, cords, ball pens, newspapers, metal fork (that is has nothing to do with me is amazingly in my table), water bottle, medicine foil and …(it’s tiring to give an account of everything).

Also, naani and I have made half of the home neat and clean. I collected the things that are frequently not used and threw in the store room. (Hehe, later when Aama did not find something she required she shouted at us.)

The floor outside my room was full of stains. We would clean it however naani suggested not to waste water because she believed it would rain today evening.

When it rained, we applied detergent and rubbed the floor. It’s clean now.

Tomorrow is Laxmi Pooja. (To tell you the truth, this all preparation was for tomorrow.) Laxmi, the goddess of wealth and prosperity, will be worshipped amidst the lights and flowers.

Is computer Laxmi or Saraswoti? Hehe.

Since yesterday I have headache. Thinking that coffee would relieve the pain, I drank a big glass of coffee today. But it was of no help.

By the way, the United Nations is almost 61 year old. Happy birthday UN!

Some leaders left Kathmandu today for London. Among them was Krishna Bahadur Mahara, the Maoist leader. His face was noteworthy in the VIP lounge in the TIA. (“He seems to be happy as if he is going to the heaven!” It was a blatant comment by an anti-Maoist comrade.)

I realised that everybody is waiting for opportunities. Opportunist, everybody is. Otherwise, why he who leads the Maoists’ talks team left the country in this situation?


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