बैनीको तोतेबोली

My sister got her serrate teeth (hehe, it’s an exaggeration) braced today.

It’s difficult for her to speak. Her pronounciation is garbled sometimes.

Baby talk!

I teased her a lot. But this time she did not beat me. Just smiled.


बैनीको तोतेबोली:

instead of बुझ्छु, she says बुथ्थु
she says डाइ not दाइ


2 comments on “बैनीको तोतेबोली

  1. Dear Dipen,
    I want to keep the entry you wanted to read password-protected for the time being. Sorry Dipen.

    However, the thing (stanzas) that I have mentioned in this write up is given below.

    “No man shall ‘scape from act
    By shunning action; nay, and none shall come
    By mere renouncements unto perfectness.
    Nay, and no jot of time, at any time,
    Rests any actionless; his nature’s law
    Compels him, even unwilling, into act
    (For thought is act in fancy).
    … He who, with strong body serving mind,
    Gives up his mortal powers to worthy work,
    Not seeking gain, Arjuna! Such a one
    Is honourable. Do thine allotted task!”

    -The Bhagavad-Gita
    (Arnold’s translation).

    However, I forgot the canto and stanza number(s).


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