My predictions: Fate of Monarchy and Maoists

 It’s not clear what the heck happened in today’s episode of the much-hyped summit talk between and betwixt the SPA, its government and the Maoists. It’s been said that the talks have been adjourned for the time being. Also, one of the participants said that the adjournment is not a deadlock in the peace process. He said it was for some homework.

Let’s believe those expedient and cagey leaders. I still have hope that the peace process will end up with a widely accepted resolution. But it may take time.

 Meanwhile, by today’s drama staged by the Maoist cadres in front of the prime minister’s quarters in Baluwatar, it’s crystal clear that the armed rebels who say they are transforming themselves into tolerant political animals are still very haughty, intolerant, inflicting and dictatorial. They are not in their right minds.

Their pressure tactics is not hidden from the public. However, what they did today is deplorable. How could they who have time and again reiterated that they do respect the notion of the right to get informed and dissipate information bar the media people from collecting information? Not only that they also improperly behaved with the journos.

Though the president of one of the sister organisations of the Maoist party apologised for the wrongdoing with the journos, look at their attitude. Just after the first episode of the talks, Dr. Baburam Bhattarai—one of the Maoist top guns taking part in the talks– had slammed the government (the host) for not managing any means to relay information to the media. And now?

 Anyways, today’s was a version of red terror: a sign of their double standards. Alike the proverbial mouth with two tongues, the Maoists are but political baloneys among others.

Lastly, let me predict something about the Nepali politics. (You also know this, by the way.)

1. Monarchy is on the verge of extintion. Soon or later it will be abolished. 2. The downfall of the Maoists has been begun. However, apparently they will be seen at the helm (till they have arms and language of muscle) for sometime.

3. After 10 years, there will be no king in the country.

 4. After 10 years, the Maoists will have to shrink to an outfit of leftist extremists provided they do not give up intolerant attitude and undemocratic modus operandi. I believe Nepal will take one more decade to get rid of extreme right and extreme left. Nonetheless, the present impasse would be overcome in a couple of years.

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