Premonition plus bad dream last night.

I asked to myself, “Did I not hurt the friend by my way?” I wanted to say sorry.

But I had no access to the phone this afternoon.

I dialed the number (if you ask me to say the number I may not remember but my fingers can automatically press the keys without any mistake). “The mobile you dialed is switched off!”

I don’t remember another number. May be I have saved it in my mobile.

But I am not sure whether I will call the friend in that number.

Not to disturb her.


6 comments on “Sorry

  1. 1.Keep distance with new people. This is the best principle.
    —-u don’t bring all the relations and friends at the time of ur birth,so u have to meet new people

    2. Never tell them the facts.
    –never give them guffs so much that it becomes impossible for them to figure out whether what u re saying is truth or just another guff of yours

    3. Don’t help others. If you do either they will suspect your intention or they will take things for granted. (Deep, you are the guru!)
    —if u help someone doesn’t mean they have to agree when u tell them that the sun rises from the west.and if they disagree with u it doesn’t mean that they’ve taken ur help for granted nor asking things that’s bothering them mean that they suspect ur intentions…

    4. When you talk about your feelings, first you make sure the person you are talking to is open-minded.
    —-when u talk about ur feelings first make sure that u r sure of ur feelings…and if u r confused admit it.

    5. If you are a muddlehead, don’t try to make things clear. Else you will be kicked in your ass.
    —-when you say u want to make things clear ,do it with a intention to really make things clear. and making things clear requires u listen to others’ point of view and accept them if necessary .if u insist on believing that only ur point of view is right then things will remain as messy.and it has noting to do with being muddleheaded….which u are not….

    6. This world is full of mean-minded people alike you. So do not feel ashame of how you are.
    —-once there were two dogs.the first one opened the door to a room of mirrors and growled.hundreds of faces growled back to him.he closed the door and sweared never to return to such a nasty place.the second dog opened the door and when he saw so many cute dogs looking back athim, his face lit up,so did the hundred other faces.when he closed the door he vowed when ever he’d feel sad he’d come to this room to be with those happy dogs. ……….

    7. Be selfish but don’t let others know your intention.
    —-don’t be selfish ,be self loving……….

    8. Pretend being normal even if you are not.
    —-it’s better that to pretend abnormal when u r completely normal

    9. Don’t hurt others but if you can damn care them.
    —don’t hurt others and care for those around you..including urself…what u sow so you reap.

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