Narrow escape

Today’s was a narrow escape from an accident. I thought the motorbike hit me, but I was safe. I was really surprised to realise that there was no contact.

(For four days, I have been obsessed by a feeling of premonition. Most of the times, when I have such intuition something bad happens.)

I was waiting for microbus to Kirtipur. The roughly driven Lagankhel microbuses frightened me; two went past touching sleeve of my shirt.

I played cricket in Kirtipur. I am a very poor at fielding and bowling. I enjoy batting. Anup said that I play(ed) good cricket. He hadn’t seen me playing cricket earlier.

While trying to play a delivery, I hit my right ear with the bat. It’s paining till now.

Also, the ball hit my forehead and another time chest. While fielding, my thump got hurt.

(I won’t relate these to my premonition. In cricket, such things keep on happening.)

I was really tired. No stamina to play cricket for a long while.

I had thought that I make some calls. Unfortunately, the phone was locked in the department. Staffers except a peon had already gone.

Anup, Rajdeep and I went to Kirtipur in search of a vegetarian restaurant. We did not see a nice one there, so decided to go to Angan. Today, to my utter surprise, Rajdeep said that we were going to a veg restaurant to eat “ghaaspaat” (he says so). Reasons may be: he was not loaded today and he was concerned about me.

I asked them to wait me at the Bishalbazar gate and get on a microbus.

The crows and other birds hovering above Balkhu, and the blood and carcass of a stray dog killed by a vehicle in the road perturbed me.

(Kathmandu’s been dirty for a few days. The municipality has not collected the waste because the locals around the waste disposal sites have not let dumping there.)

Angan was suffocating today. Cola in front of the Ranjana was not tasty. (Lemon soda was okay yesterday.)

In Basantapur, final preparation for the Jazzmandu concert was going on. A considerable number of youth had gathered there.

I was exhausted. So did not go to Thamel today.

While returning to Ratnapark, in Mahabouddha, I saw the News Flash in one of the channels regarding the questions sent to the king, the then chairman of the cabinet, by the probe committee.

After returning home, I took a nap. Oh, I forgot to mention that maathi aama’s aama (Basanta Kumar Nepal’s mother-in-law) passed away today. She was bed ridden for a couple of days. She was 98.



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