Dashain is over. Tihar is on the horizon. Because of long vacation, I have been lazybones again.

The routine, whatever I had, has been the same but yet not the same.

When the university opens, it will be rough sledding finding my feet to the pace there. What is more, exams are in the pipeline. And, if straight away I do not start preparing for the exams, I will only have to be remorseful for mooning away the time.

(Anyways, I haven’t forgotten this reality.)

It’s raining outside. This rain will bring coldness.

I like winter. And there are some reasons behind this.

I have appetite during cold seasons and I gain some weight. Also, lean and thin manifestation of me goes for hibernation. (Does this make any sense?) I mean to say because of thick winter clothes I appear to be “on top form”.

However, I have, by now, figured out that this winter will be hard time for me.


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