There is fluctuation in my writing. I know. You too have noticed it if you are a regular reader of my entries, or if you go through five or six entries, you will get to know it now.

Sometimes no proper articulation of things and lousy English, sometimes terrific writing… This is the matter of time and my mood.

When I am offline, I am not under stress and can write better than when I am online.

Offline (though wrongly I am using this word as adverb here), I have enough time to look after every word, phrase, clause and sentence. I can edit and embellish the write ups. However, what I write online I don’t edit. I leave it as it is unless something written is not on purpose misleading.

[There was power failure when I was writing this. I don’t have Ultimate Power Supply. So the machine too abruptly shut down. Luckily what I had written is not lost this time. Going off of power sort of things sucks. Has anyone ever tried to estimate how loss we commoners have to face because of the abrupt power cut-off? May be today’s was failure of the system in electricity transmission however there should be some sort of mechanism to inform the public regarding the power cut off.

I went to the roof-top. It was dark outside. Though today is the first day of the waning moon, the sky was murky. Clouds and raining! However, some halo in the sky. The environment was quiet. No barking of dogs. (Where have those stray dogs gone today?) I enjoyed the moment. Mild cold breeze that brought the water drops to the place just under the water tank where I stood.]

[Also, another thing that sucks is the problem with my connection. I share the Internet service and most often see the Error 691. (Needless to say, it’s dial up.) If somebody is using the same account, I cannot connect to the net. (It’s not multiple user account. Last time from the account I was using many users could log in at the same time.) And even though I get connected, because of sluggish speed, I cannot do things easily.]

Just a minute ago there was a thunderbolt and I was terrified. Mutu dhakka fulyo ani heart beat badhyo. Malaai chatyaang ko aawaaz dekhi dar laagchha. Then, I in hurry pressed Alt, F and S keys to save the content.

I tried to connect again. But it failed for three times.

Now I am listening to Pink Floyd. Time: Ticking away the moments that make up a dull day……. Home, home again/ I like to be here when I can……… To hear the magic spells.

Tara khoi … I feel the ending is not good in this song.

(Yesterday the connection failed to establish for four times so I am trying to post these entries this morning. Failure once again. Is the password changed? May be.

All the same, now I suspect that the password in the “Connect to” account saved in this machine has been changed inadvertently such that it’ become different from the real one. I will have to ask Ishwor again. But he is in the office and he does not like to be disturbed when he is working. I will have to wait till evening. (10:37 am)]


After 24 hours I succeeded to establish connection from the same account.


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