Vijaya Dashami and Tika

After some years, I went to relatives for the Tika.

Most often, I try to avoid.

Navin ko ghar ma last year because of “sutak” tika thiyena. This year with my brother I went. Bua and aama were so happy. Aama asked why my baini did not come…

This year no Dakshina there. She said, “Aba chhora haru lai k dakshina dinu!”

Hehehe…. It’s okay aama.

I talked to Bua about the unification of the NC and the NC (D). Bua’s explanation was very rational. Malai ta chitta bujhyo…

It was hard to understand the meaning of the aashirbad bua gave me. I will try to decipher it later. But was sort of surprised…..

Aru ta testai ho….

Tika laune kuraa ma kina tika laidiney manchhe haru dakshina dinu parchha bhanera bhagchhan? Tika ta aashirbad ko lagi po ho ta.

I have been noticing such things for 15 years. I wanted them to give tika to me… But they hide somewhere….
Why do those mean-minded people relate tika with money?


Dashain aayo gayo. Pahila ko jasto umanga aba ma maa rahena Dashain ko. Ani feri tyo markaat le garda malai you festival khasai ma pardaina pani….


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