PUO: Pyrexia of unknown origin

My brother has fever for about a week. But yet it could not diagnosed.

Blood culture is negative. No malaria parasites could be seen. Blood cells count is normal. Hemoglobin level is okay.

E. histolytica was seen though. Doc says the liver is slightly swollen. Is this instestinal parasite the reason for the fever that somtimes crosses 104 F?

Generally, other doctors give antibiotics in haste. But Dr. GSL Das does not…

Yes, I like him. Irrational use of antibiotics is harmful in longterm…

In 2004, September I was down with PUO for about a week. That time I asked the doc for antibiotics. He gave. But it was of no help. He suspected Kalaazar, Malaria, Typhoid and what not… But no diagnosis then also.

The fever disappeared after 23rd day. I could go to office then… on 31st day.

It probably was viral fever that time.