I have been misused many times.

I am so gullible that to some people I cannot say no.

Today Mr. N took advantage of me… Actually, it was help for him.

Sorry Ms Anu…, I was forced to talk to you as the third character –Mr. A– between you and Mr. N.

Let me confess. It was me who talked to you.


Who killed Krishna Charan?

Who killed the RPP lawmaker?

If it’s the Maoists or its sister organisation, it’s deplorable.

Whoever has killed Mr. Shrestha, also a businessman, this killing points out towards the situation of the law and order in the country. Machine gun (SMG or LMG) was used to shoot out the leader in busy market of Siraha.

Isn’t it the state’s responsibility to take care of the parliamentarians? How can it provide ordinary people with security when it cannot protect their representatives?

In the name of peace process and cease fire, it’s wrong to overlook the security condition of the country.

Besides the Maoists there are others too who are armed. If the goverment undermines this fact, the country will be a playground for criminals.

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