Hero to zero: Rajendra Bhandari

Two gold medals that Nepal won in athletics in SAG last month have been taken back after Rajendra Bhandari failed in the doping test.

The record holder Nepali athlete is now zero from hero.

It took years for Rajendra to build up his career as an athlete. However, to find out the success, he chose crosscut. And that was momentary.

The drug he used probalbly helped him increase RBCs in his blood. (May be it helped him develop muscles.) The higher level of RBC was of service for him to transport more oxygen. More oxygen furthered his purpose of running faster. He stood first in the 5 km event and the 3 km steeplechase event.

The prohibited drug was in his urine. Urine was tested for the doping. A higher level of it has been detected in the sample A. The medals he won have been drawn back.

Bhandari would have realise by now “There can be no shortcut to the success.”

Or, he still believes Hitler who in his autobiography Mein Kampf has written: “Success is the sole earthly judge of right and wrong”?


One comment on “Hero to zero: Rajendra Bhandari

  1. A person can keep away from the forbidden only
    when he believes that there is someone who is watching him and recording his deeds.
    & that he will be answerable for his deeds
    & that there will be a court of eternal justice established after he dies …..
    & he will be punished or rewarded according to his deeds in this world….
    I have done a post on this topic
    Thanks and warm regards

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