Pure rambling

My machine has been slow these days. And I hate this.

There are some reasons for the slackness and my hating this when it is related to the computers.

526 MB RAM is in vogue but I have to stick to this 128. I have another 256 MB piece stashed away in the cupboard. However, when I insert it in any of the three sluts, tens of rant errors are displayed on the blue screen for some instances and finally the system is halted.

29 programs run at their own and they consume the memory. The McAfee package consumes the maximum followed by this newly installed Live MSN Messenger.

When I go online, a lot of pages are opened in one time. Three messengers viz. of MSN, Yahoo, and Google talk too run side by side. And, what I see is hung machine.

My mouse! It’s discomfiting. If I try to take the cursor so the east, it directs towards north.

I am used to the shortcut keys and though old and dirty this keyboard has been of help.


I want to pierce my ears. I will put on “top” before Dashain, I guess.


World Peace Day! May peace prevail on the earth.

What Deep told me last week is reverberating in my ears.

“If you help people, they will suspect on your intentions some time later. And, if you do a favour to anybody with no bad intentions, either they will take that for granted or they will overlook your role.”

He, a doctor working in a heart centre in Kathmandu, was very emotional when he was sharing his experiences with me.


Naveen asked me to give him a company tomorrow. He wants me to take to Besisahar, Lamjung. He did not tell me why.

I have some others stuffs to follow tomorrow. So, I said sorry to him.


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